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05-24-2007, 21:01
Hey guys,

I just sent my order for a new Glock 17 from Glock itself. I had found out from a buddy of mine (who is a member here) that the Police officer discount was also good for military. My question is this. A rep from Glock advised I would wait 10 to 12 weeks to receive my new toy. Is this accurate with as fast as things happen these days with technology? Is Glocks turn-around really that slow? If anyone has any experience with this, and has any feedback would be appreciated. I am kind of anxious to get to go shoot!

05-26-2007, 17:34
Direct orders from Glock are very slow. A couple of months at least, so your info sounds about right.

05-26-2007, 17:38
Did you ask Glock for your nearest LE/Mil discount dealer? They may have one in stock. They should charge the same price that Glock will.

Glock has had a shortfall in production with some models lately. I waited about a month for my G26 recently.