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05-27-2007, 01:39
Peter and Alfred Nussbaum were tailors and partners in the firm
Nussbaum Brothers. After many years they decided to Anglicize
their names and henceforth the firm should be known as the
Nuss Brothers.

After completing the legal paperwork, they informed the
receptionist, Ethel, that from Monday on she should answer the
phone as "Nuss Brothers."

"I quit," said Ethel.

"But why?", asked Peter, "the pay and benefits will be the

"Yeah? Well, YOU answer the phone then. I don't want to answer
and find that the caller says he wants to speak with Mr. Nuss.
Then I have to say..... "Yes Sir; which one? P-Nuss or A-Nuss?"

05-28-2007, 15:17
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