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06-01-2007, 19:15
I went to the range I just joined tonight (Carlisle Fish and Game Assoc.) and fired off about 100 rounds from my G19.

Great facilities... a 25 yard pistol range and 300 yard rifle range. Not to mention shotgun range, skeet and clay ranges, archery, and fishing.

I am going to love frequenting this place. It is only a 7 minute drive for me.

If anyone who is a member (no guests on the range :sad: ) is ever up for shooting sometime let me know. I am all for making friends with other gun lovers.

06-15-2007, 20:35
This Sunday (June 17) I am going to be at the Carlisle Fish and Game pistol range with my G19 and G30. If anyone in the area cares to join me just PM me for directions and let me know. I will be there from about 2PM to 5pm.