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06-05-2007, 11:03
Ok so my brothers video card went out, i dont remember what it is, but somehow he ended up with my old video card (which was pretty good at the time), so his was crappy and i think i ended up trashing it when i got a new one. So his video card went out and he wanted mine....... so, since he was giving me a wireless router, i figured i would give him the old one, and buy a new one.

I start looking around and realize that my mobo is about 2 years old, and that there isnt a great selection of agp cards and i start thinking time for an upgrade.

im running a p4 3.4 chip and dont really want to drop loads of cash, so I decide to keep the chip, get a new mobo that supports ddr2 and pci-E, grab 2gb of DDR2 and a new pci-e Nvidia 8600gt and it arrives today. Total cost, about $260 from newegg. I think the mobo was $70 ish, 2gb of corsair value was 60, and the video card was like $140.

Will be putting it all in tonight!!!! im like a kid in a candy store.

06-05-2007, 11:37
I'd punt the stock CPU cooler and install a good Thermaltake or Zalman. You're gonna pry the old one off anyway, right? :supergrin:

The nVidia 8600 is a great middle-of-the road GPU. Been around long enough to be stable, has just about enough ooomph to do all but the most demanding games.

Good luck, mi amigo.

06-06-2007, 12:01
So new parts where there, I went out and bought a new fan as suggested, it was either $15 for new thermal grease or $25 for a new fan, i got the fan, not the name brands like you suggested but a better fan anyway. larger heatsink, bigger fan, better flow.

So the install went good, some issues here and there, but nothing i hadnt seen before, sit down, hit the power, and everything works right. love it when it happens. Then comes the problems. I figure im going to just reinstall xp just because i have all new drivers and components and would just rather start new, i pop in the xp disk and it starts to do its pre install loading and i get a blue screen error talking about system halted to prevent something. SO im like crap. I take out the cd and reboot, and it still loads into my old os install. So im thinking interesting, so i use partion magic and wipe the hd first. Then try install, same thing.

Im freaking out because i only have 1 xp disk and just wiped the hd, so i try default bios, still error. So my wife casually says why dont you use the vista upgrade we got wtih the laptop (when i bought my laptop it came with xp but has the recovery disks only that will only work with that laptop, but i was able to send away for the vista home premium upgrade for free.) Im thinking it wouldnt work because it was an upgrade, but I plug it in there and bam it starst a clean install.... cool. Although the drivers that came wtih the mobo wont install... but vista shows everything working. A few bugs here and there but over all a good install.

now for the performance boost. So i ran 3d mark 05 on the old system and it ran like a 2050, with the new stuff it ran ~ 6800. so we are looking at about a 3.5x increase.
Plus vista looks really cool, and WOW runs great. I will have to install rainbow six vegas tonight and see where that ends up.

So i am very pleased

06-06-2007, 12:38
Good to hear, mi amigo. :thumbsup: