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06-13-2007, 15:28

Man Caught Illegally Owning AK-47s
June 12th, 2007 @ 9:30pm

Amanda Butterfield Reporting

Utah County authorities have arrested a student from Ethiopia for buying guns illegally, and what he said he would do with those guns gives police great concern.

Roommates describe the young man as "unstable" and obsessed with guns and violence. Both Orem and Provo police, at different times, have investigated the student.

Kidus Yohannes is an international student at UVSC. We have the paperwork on why Kidus Yohannes was arrested: he's accused of buying two guns illegally, and that could be just the beginning.

Kidus Yohannes bought two AK-47s from Van Wagenen guns in Orem this past October. The manager remembers him well. "He's very interested in AK-47 and various military looking guns," Norman VanWagenen said.

He's bought guns there on at least three occasions and has always had the proper information. VanWagenen says, "He had ID, Utah drivers license and alien registration number."

Orem police discovered the alien registration number Yohannes gave VanWagenen is false. On Friday he was arrested and his room searched. Police found an imported Russian rifle, several AK-47 magazines and a large quantity of ammunition, weapon parts and drawings of weapons.

Neighbors had no idea. One neighbor, Lanette Ellsworth, said, "That scares me because I have little kids and didn't know that was going on.

But his roommates had noticed his strange behavior. His roommate Javier described him as, "Too quiet, which made us really uneasy."

They say he was always watching violent videos on the Internet. "Thngs about how to assassinate someone or how to kill someone," Javier said.

The roommates had even heard Yohannes say he will kill a police officer and indications that he would be involved in a mass shooting. They reported all this to police on their own and say they are relieved he's not living with them anymore.

Orem Police believe, if released, Yohannes would be a threat to the community because he still has access to the two AK-47's he bought from VanWagenen's. Police never found them when they searched his room and Yohannes won't tell them where they are.

During the search of Yohannes' rental house, police also found one of his roommate's Visa cards that was reported stolen.

The affidavit states he has been charged three previous times for carrying a concealed weapon, and he has had an assault rifle impounded by Provo Police. They're currently determining if it has been modified illegally.

Yohannes' bail is set at $250,000.


My god, this guys got 3 instances of illegally carry a concealed weapon plus other gun infractions. Why wasn't his ass deported?

06-13-2007, 17:10
Originally posted by GixxerSixxer
Why wasn't his ass deported? [/B]


Good question. Scary situation for the roommates, neighbors.


Steve Koski
06-13-2007, 19:35
Good on them coppers!

06-13-2007, 19:43

Man Arrested for Illegal Possession of Weapons Not Talking
June 13th, 2007 @ 6:00pm

Sarah Dallof Reporting

The 20-year-old man investigators believe may have been plotting a violent attack had more guns than police realized. Kidus Yohannes was arrested for buying guns illegally. Now police are trying to piece together what he planned to do with them.

Kidus Yohannes had only lived in the house he was arrested from for a month. In that time, his roommates grew increasingly concerned with his behavior.

Javier, one of Yohannes' roommates, says he was "too quiet, which made us really uneasy." Roommates of Kidus Yohannes were bothered by his silence and shocked by his claims that he would kill a police officer.

They noticed he began parking his car farther and farther away. Lt. Doug Edwards with the Orem Police Dept. says, "They thought there must be something in that car he doesn't want people to find."

Police hoped they'd find two AK-47 assault rifles that Yohannes had recently bought inside the car. Instead the search turned up another mystery. Edwards explains, "The rifle we did find, a Russian made bolt action rifle with a scope. We didn't know about that"

Investigators admit Yohannes may have more guns they weren't aware of and they still can't find the two AK-47s. They're now checking pawn shops and Yohannes isn't talking. Edwards says, "He's invoked his right to remain silent so we've basically gotten no help from him finding the rifles."

On paper, Yohannes had few problems. He's a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. who presented what appeared to be the proper information when applying to buy the guns. He's also at student at UVSC.

Val Peterson, President of Administration and External Affairs at UVSC, says "We had no issues with him. He was a student in good status as far as that's concerned."

Right now Yohannes' bail is set at $250,000. Police say he doesn't have a job and they don't expect him to make bail. They hope that extra time will help them find the missing guns.

06-13-2007, 23:14

I work for the college, and the president sent out an email today to staff and faculty, describing the "stockpile" :upeyes: of weapons and ammunition.

While I definitely don't think the guy was up to any good,
it's bothersome to hear how they describe him because he purchased those weapons and ammunition.

Nonetheless, I hope they deport him, and quickly.

Steve Koski
06-13-2007, 23:23
That doesn't bother me. I'm sure I have a much "worse sounding" arsenal in my basement.

What bothers me is that he did it illegally.

What makes me really happy is that the LEO's caught up with him!

06-13-2007, 23:37
being as MY take on the second amendment does NOT cover aliens who are using false ID, (duh, didn't they call those .. Spies ? )

well, then, we have a fella who is possibly dangerous, definitely armed, definitely a liar, and possibly has cohorts, certainly has HAD weapons not found (stipulating facts as stated subject to verification)..

and isn't an american citizen. well now, this is a conundrum. should we charge him with terrorist activity? espionage? liking guns more than is legal?

i'd rather check real close and see if we could find a reason to hang the guy. if NOT then deport him. that false ID makes me think maybe there IS an espionage charge hiding in there someplace..

06-14-2007, 07:02
Originally posted by Steve Koski
That doesn't bother me. I'm sure I have a much "worse sounding" arsenal in my basement.

What bothers me is that he did it illegally.

What makes me really happy is that the LEO's caught up with him!

I agree the description of his "arsenal" doesn't concern me. I'd come off much worse with my 7.5K or .22lr, 1,500 .223, 3,000 .40, etc; plus the guns to use all the ammo.

I dislike how he deceived Vanwag's. Vanwag's followed the SOP and did everything to the book. I go give kudos to the reporter that acknowledged Vanwag's did not violate the law in any way. It was solely the illegal activity of the Ethiopian.

I'm glad he was caught. It would have been a huge shame to see another mass shooting within Utah.

Steve Koski
06-14-2007, 07:35
I say we give him a one way ticket to Club GITMO.