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06-14-2007, 05:15
if anyone owns one of the vertical smokers like on this thread....look
at " whats going on your barbi this week end ", the smoker in the pictures owned by jawjaboy.
i replied with a few questions for jawjaboy about his snmoker and how it is used. please read my short comments on this, and if anyone owns one of these just fill me in on the cooking details and the succes you have had using one of these...!
likes and dis-likes about the smoker.

i will be near a store this fathers day wek end where i can purchase one of these and would like some info before i leap cause i have never used one.

thanks wally

06-14-2007, 14:36

06-15-2007, 05:59
i am not likely to modify any smoker that i get, so it is a one shot deal for me, so possibly i might buy a somewhat pricier model just to get the quality factor.

what bran is yours ? initial cost ?

i have a great outdoors gas grill and have been happy with it . they used to make upright smokers, but couldnt find one listed on the rural king web-site.
i also hear the weber silver bullet type is outstanding.
the big green egg is my first choice, but am treading water because of the price....about $900 for the large one !

in your opinion, would a gas ( propane) smoker have the same flavor and results, with one that would the capability of adding a wood chunk for flavor ? ! or electric ?

hope to hear from you and any and all comments are welcome.


06-28-2007, 04:03
When ever you do get one, whichever one you pick - do yourself a favor and do a turkey in it! with hickory or other wood chips :thumbsup: Ah...... fresh smoked turkey that literally melts in the mouth :hearts: