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06-16-2007, 20:51
Just thought I'd get a thread on here so folks can show off their challenge coins and brag about how they had 'em when their buddies didn't! These are mine:

Note: These are stock pics, as I don't have my camera on me right this second. When I get it back, I'll post actual pics, as my coins (for the most part) are engraved. On second thought, I might not post that information, as it is kinda personal. Anyway, here are mine:
Mine has my BUD/S class number and name on it.
Mine is bone stock, just like this one.
Mine has "FLEETASWTRACEN" and my name on it.
Mine is bone stock, just like this one...and very funny to leave under toilet seats and in freezers, just to screw with people.

06-19-2007, 14:39
I'm sure I am not the only one who isn't sure what a challenge coin is. So what I am asking is, what is a challenge coin and how do you get/earn them?

06-20-2007, 07:25
What is a challenge coin:

Challenge coins are typically available at your base PX or NEX (for us squids). They will typically stock the coin that has your particular command crest, name, etc on it. It has become popular enough where rate and rank coins are now available. They are also now commercially available through a few coin mints. A google search will yield the name of several mints that challenge coins can be ordered from. These coins can be given out at ceremonies, passed as gifts among friends, or handed out to units as commemeration for achieving some goal or another. Two of mine were purchased by myself at various commands, and two were given to me as gifts from other operators within the special operations / special warfare community.

Challenge Coin History:

The Game:

In my unit (and I have heard of this happening in other naval units as well), when you and your shipmates / fellow marines / fellow soldiers / fellow airmen / fellow coastguardsmen go out on the town for a much earned drink, everybody whips out their challenge coins. Anybody who doesnt have their coin on them buys the drinks. Usually we limit it to the coinless person only buying the first round, though! Lucky them!

I have also heard of some rather dubious variations of The Game played by special operations units. One story I heard was up at Bragg, some Green Berets would take their "Black Ops / I Wasn't Here" coins out with them when they were prowling for female companionship. Now everybody knows that the bars at Bragg are filled with "Lonely Wives Club" members (aka, the wives and girlfriends of men on deployment). Some of the SF guys would go out, hook up with a "Lonely Wife" and , before leaving the residence they would Scotch Tape their "Black Ops / I Wasn't Here" challenge coin to the bottom of the toilet seat. Of course, the ladies leave the seat down when they do their business, but whenever the deployed man would come home, they'd flip the seat up to pee and VIOLA! there was a challenge coin staring them in the face. Nasty little surprise, but then again, that's what they pay those boys for....the surprises that is, not the wife banging.


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08-05-2007, 16:01
Challenge coins are usually given out by commanders of units for doing an exemplary job, outstanding performance, etc. They will say "Presented by... " or a particular person's name or position on them. The ones you can buy don't. Team coins are made by teams/small units and are ordered by the members then handed out to deserving (in the team member's eyes) folks. Team and challenge coins can be used to determine who's buying the round. As stated above, the guy caught without his will buy or the guy with the "lowest" coin (brigade beats a battalion, division beats a brigade, etc. There are no set "official" rules, the main point being "lets get to drinkin'!" They've became so popular that you can buy all variations from many different places now. Key to seeing what the coin may be "about" (and not just it's being presented from a "PX-Warhero") is to look for the "Presented by.. " or the fact that it names a particular unit. Again, no steadfast rules, just guidelines.

08-05-2007, 16:56
Here's a few I can find in my drawer (gotta cleanup around here!):

I've got more at Webshots in a patch collection but I hardly go there anymore and they had a prob years ago that wiped out some of my photos/scannings. Patch album III has more coins.

These are great but the one I am most proud of is the one I don't have in my possession yet. It's my advisor team coin that wasn't done getting stamped and delivered to us when we rotated back from Iraq. The new team leader got them (team that replaced us) but he hasn't gotten them to us yet. I ordered ten.

08-06-2007, 21:21
Some halfway decent pictures of my favorite one - the pics don't do it justice:

08-07-2007, 10:09
That's a damn nice coin KNEES. I bet that maroon enamel looks gorgeous with the naked eye.

08-07-2007, 16:36
Not exactly a coin, but a chip from my time in Ft. Polk's 5th I.D. (1/40th Armor-Dragons Sir!). Circa 1984.

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08-29-2007, 08:01
When I get my camera up and running I'll drop mine, lost a bunch of them during Medevac so I'll try to post stock pictures of those.

The game we usually play is the lowest coin buys. I.E. You've got your buds coin, buddy has an airborne coin. He buys. I've got my coin from Gen Franks, you've got a CSMs coin, you buy. If there is a tie, you go with the cigarette. Two guys hold they forearms together, third guy lights a cigarette and places it in the valley formed by the two arms. First man that pulls, buys. I have many scars from that one...