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Part 1 of 5


The accusation of Freemasonry being a "secret society" is an inaccurate label. The Masonic Lodges in every city, and town, are clearly marked, and its meeting nights are usually posted in the local newspaper. The Masonic emblem on an auto, the ring on a members hand all defy the labeling so long associated with membership in this Fraternity. The fact is that the Masonic Lodges are not secret, they are, however, private. Would your company let just anyone sit in on a closed door meeting, or would your church allow a non-member to attend one of its financial meetings ? I doubt it very much. It is reasonable to understand that Non-Masons are excluded from the business meetings that take place in the Masonic Lodge. However, no man is excluded from becoming a member, meeting certain requirements, and thereby being able to attend the meetings. For anyone to believe that only evil is done secretively, or in secret, is a very narrow-minded conclusion. The "secret" that one learns in the Master Mason Degree, which is technically the highest of all Masonic Degrees, is something overlooked by the Anti-Masons in their attempt to discredit this Fraternity. I am not revealing anything that you, the Non-Mason, couldn't look up on your own at nearly any library or book store.

The candidate is told the Masonic secret in the Master Mason Degree, and the secret is contained in these three words: Truth, Honor, Fortitude. While this may not seem like much of a "secret", I challenge every Anti-Mason "Christian" to inculcate these traits into their every day life. Because of their lies, they obviously fall way short.


The misconception that Freemasonry teaches the belief that there are many gods and that all gods are equal, is another lie. Freemasonry does not tell its members which Religion is right or wrong. Freemasonry does not tell its members what church the should, or should not, belong to. So why is it that certain churches, or "Christians", feel they have the right to tell its members which fraternal or civic organizations they can or cannot belong to ? The freedom to pursue ones own Religion is one which should be respected by everyone, especially a Christian. Afterall, if you were forced to subscribe to a Religion that you disagreed with, you would rebel, that same respect should be given to others. This Fraternity is based on acknowledging the inalienable rights of all humans. And if a man, be he Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc., has the desire to join this Fraternity, then he is welcome. Two of the requirements for all members, is the belief in the One True God, Our Father in Heaven, and the eternal life of our Soul. Noted researcher and writer J. Gordon Melton published a thoroughly impressive book in 1995 titled: Encyclopedia of American Religions. According to his research, in the U.S., there are just over one-thousand-six-hundred different Religious denominations, of which forty-four percent are Non-Christian. The question needed asking is this, since there is only One God, Our Father in Heaven, how can any one of these over seven-hundred different Christian denominations have the right to claim to be the "One True Religion". The Lodge does not have, or teach of a god of Masonry, that is yet another lie, because this is a Fraternity not a Religion. The "job" of Masonry is not to take a corrupt man and straighten him out, but to take good men and make them better. All members are taught that the tolerance and respect of others is paramount to the peace and harmony of all mankind. The whole premise of a Fraternity which allows its members to belong to differing Religions should be looked upon as a positive influence, not as a threat to anyone's Religious choice.


Also referred to as the Luciferian Doctrine. To say that any member of the Masonic Fraternity practices satanism is an outrageous and blasphemous lie. There never has been any Freemason that worshiped satan, and there never will be. If a member of this Fraternity were to be found to participate in such an unholy practice, he would be expelled immediately. With regard to the lie, about Alistaire Crowley, the notoriously well known satanist, he never was a member of this Masonic Fraternity. And to say that all 30th, 31st and 32nd Degree Masons are taught that the god they worship is infact satan, is another lie. A man by the name of Gabriel Pages, also known under the pen name of Leo Taxil, became very wealthy from his sensationalized works, wrote dozens of pornographic books, as well as several books touting his atheistic beliefs and Anti-Catholic sentiments. One of which is called, The Secret Love Affairs of [Pope] Pius IX. This habitual liar had written several Anti-Masonic books and articles. One of the most outrageous was the letter, which he signed Albert Pike's name to, three years after Pike died!. However, during a "press conference", held April 19th, 1897, in Paris, France, he admitted to this hoax. Explaining, he hated the Masonic Fraternity, and the Catholic Church. Needless to say, he made enough money off the sale of his lies that he lived out the remainder of his life on a quiet country estate in northern France. He died in 1907 at fifty-three years of age. It seems like this fast money, and easy lifestyle, is the same goal that all of the Anti-Masons are after, doesn't it.


To make a promise, take an oath, to take a vow, to make a pledge, to make a covenant, or to swear, all of these mean the same thing. Please read Genesis 9:1-17, the Bible shows that The Lord Our God, has once again set precedent. The next time it rains, look outside afterward, what do you see ?, a rainbow. That is proof that God will not flood out this planet ever again. How about Matthew 26:63, here we find Our Savior Jesus Christ taking an oath. Once again a precedent has been set. If you read 1 Kings 8:31-32, or Hebrews 6:13-17, 2 Corinthians 1:23, Galatians 1:10, Philippians 1:8, and also Numbers 5:11-31, in every one of these passages, and many others, the Bible shows that the taking of an Oath was, at times, necessary. There is no person who claims to follow the Word of God, who can dispute this fact, and since the whole idea of taking an Oath was instituted by our Lord, then there cannot possibly be anything "unholy" about it, especially if it is for good. When you take out a loan, or make a purchase with a credit card, you are making a promise to the second party that you will repay that debt. When you receive your automobile drivers license you are, in effect, signing a contract with the Department of Transportation promising that you will abide by all the rules of the road. Even the marriage vow each couple takes is a oath between them and God... till death do you part. When the Anti-Masons quote Matthew 5:34-37 and James 5:12, they are taking these scriptures out of context. The lesson in these passages is not admonishing us to never take an oath, it is warning against the excessive use and/or abuse of the significance contained in an oath. It reminds us to speak in truth everyday, to let our yes mean yes and our no to mean no. But, mankind is fallible, and men tend to lie, cheat, kill and steal, so it is necessary at times for men to be put under oath. These are some of the commonly over-used ways in which many people violate this admonition; "cross my heart hope to die", "my hand to God", "may God strike me dead if I'm lying", "I swear on a stack of bibles", "I swear on my mother's grave", "if I'm lyin' I'm buyin'". These are some of the ways in which the lessons from Matthew and James are supposed to be applied. So what is the big secret in these Masonic Oaths anyway?, well a Mason promises to aid and assist all poor Brother Masons his widow and orphans, to protect the life of a Brother Mason, to prevent the rape of a Brother Masons Wife-Sister-Mother-Daughter, to not fight with or cause physical harm to a Brother Mason, to be patriotic to his Country, true to his Church, and to support and spread the Word of God. As you can see, there is nothing contained in this obligation that conflicts with the teachings of our Lord and Savior, and as such, there is no basis for the lies that have been spread about the Masonic Obligation.


The symbolic origins of Freemasonry show that the original operative craftsmen, had penalties to prevent untrained and unworthy sneaks from learning their arts. The literal Knights Templar had real penalties that were enforced to prevent their enemies from locating them, which in turn would lead to the execution of these Christian Knights. The Fraternal Masons have carried the symbolic, historic reference into its ritual. I must point out, the penalties are only symbolic, they are not, and have never, been enforced, contrary to the propaganda spread by the Anti-Masons. The wording of the penalties are very important, the Mason fully comprehends the manner in which the penalty is incorporated into the obligation. The penalty does not say that one will commit or partake in the committing of the act, but rather, the thought of breaking an oath is so offensive to the Mason, that this penalty is an example of comparison showing just how offensive it is to him to break his word. And, the only punishments that any member is exposed to are, reprimand, suspension or expulsion. And, it is also a lie that the symbolic penalties were inflicted "as recent as 1986", like the Anti-Masons claim. The source of much of the Anti-Masonic propaganda comes from expelled Masons, who are apparently so bitter, over being kicked out, that they will stop at nothing to slander this Fraternity. In the Masonic Lodges of the U.K., the reading of the penalties has been omitted from the obligation, and the part about the reprimand, suspension or expulsion has been put in its place. However, the ancient symbolic penalties are explained in a historical lecture, about Masonry, to the candidate. Eventually the Grand Lodges of the U.S. may follow this same procedure.


To the jaded and sarcastic, these Fraternal titles may seem childish, and as such, should not be of any concern to them. To the Anti-Masons who feel the Masons are placing themselves above others, is a misconception. Have you ever watched The Flintstones, well Fred and Barney belong to the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo. Their presiding officer is The Grand Poobah, the presiding officer of the Elks is called the Exalted Ruler, the presiding officer of the Knights of Columbus is called the Grand Knight, the presiding officer of the Odd Fellows is the Grand Patriarch and if you are the ultimate surfer they call you the Big Kahuna. Certainly no one would suggest that these titles have some hidden meaning. The Masonic Fraternity uses titles to distinguish its Officers, and the different tasks assigned to each. The presiding officer is the Master, or Worshipful Master. The use of the word "worshipful" does not mean that the Lodge Master is worshiped, but its usage comes from the Old English definition, meaning "honorable", or "worthy of respect", it is also used to address a Mayor or other Magistrate of Great Britain or its territories. When the presiding officer of the Lodge is addressed as "master", it does not mean he is our literal Master. Every Christian knows that The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is our Master, and for the Anti-Masons to continually twist this title of the "Lodge Master" into an undermining of the Word of Christ, is a really pathetic attempt to discredit this Fraternity. The title of Master, or Worshipful Master, means that he is the "respected overseer of the work", which relates to the operative freemasons and the symbolic beginnings of this Fraternity. Other definitions of master include; employer, head of the household, expert or the captain of a merchant ship. Much the same way the word Lord can be the title of a British Nobleman, who are not the same as our Lord Jesus Christ, nor do they feel they are. For example, the highest "rank" a man can attain in the York Rite is that of a Knight Templar, out of the hundreds of thousands of Knights Templar in the world, not one of these men believe they are, or have been, made a real Knight. While the highest "rank" a man attains in the Scottish Rite is that of Sublime Prince. Out of the millions of Scottish Rite Masons in the world, not one of these men believe they really are a Prince. There are titles for each of the Officers in the Lodge, Chapter, Shrine, etc., and I will not go into the explanation of every one of them. Suffice it to say, these are only Fraternal names and titles, and the members do not take them as a literal title. And for any Anti-Mason to say that Masons are usurping the place of our Savior in another lie. No Mason feels they are becoming a god, or a savior, when they are referred to by these, or any other, Fraternal titles. When our Savior Jesus told us to call no man master, that reference is with regard to calling another man "Master", as in the Master of our Salvation. Which also goes back to the first of the Ten Commandments, given to all of us by God, to not have any God other than Him.


There never has been any Masonic ceremony, or ritual, in which a member has had to drink blood. This is just another example of the outrageous lies that have been spread in an attempt to discredit this wonderful Fraternity. Let me make this perfectly clear, at no time does a Mason, or a candidate, drink, pretend to drink, cause to drink, offer up to drink, or offer his own to drink, any blood at any time, ever!


Also known as the "Upside Down" Star. Many Anti-Masons have claimed that this is used to represent evil within the Lodge. That contention is completely false. Which causes me to raise this question, does not the star pointing down, help to guide the wise men, and others, to the birth place of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ? I suggest you read Matthew 2:2. How can something with such a beautiful and Holy beginning, wind up with such a twisted and evil interpretation. To many Christians, the Ankh is a symbol of the promise of eternal life God made to us, guaranteed through the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ. While to others, it is a pagan symbol devoid of any reference to Christ, symbolizing the belief in some kind of occultic reincarnation. The way in which an object, or symbol is used, is in the way the person who is using it chooses to use it, not in someone else's interpretation of it.

ETA: The above is reprinted by permission.

1995, Conspiracy of Hate: A Christian Perspective on the un-Christian Tactics of the anti-Masons

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