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Part 2 of 5


This charge makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, nor does it carry any validity. The lessons read in a Masonic Lodge, Eastern Star Chapter, and other Masonic bodies, come out of both the Old and New Testament of the Bible. To delete the Old Testament from your Bible, just because the name of Jesus Christ is not mentioned directly, is an act that would never take place. So when the Masonic Fraternity chooses to use the Old and New Testament, it is because there are some very important lessons to be learned in both halves of that very Sacred Book. It is not some kind of attempt to preach secular humanism, so often touted by the anti-Masons. And their claims of this kind of practice are another example of their continual barrage of lies in their conspiracy of hate against the Masonic Fraternity. Some of the lessons read in Freemasonry, Old and New Testament, include: Psalms 24, and 133, Amos 7:3, Ecclesiastes 12, 2 Kings 22:1, Leviticus 1:3-10, Luke 7:36-38, Acts 1:15-27, Erza 3:8-11, Revelations 7:3, Paul 3:6-16, Exodus 3:1-15, as well as dozens of other scriptures. Freemasonry is not a Religion, it does, however, emphasize the need for its members to read the Word of God and to inculcate the lessons taught, into their lives. Just because the lesson is out of the Old Testament, does not void it out. If that were the case, the Ten Commandments would be null and void, and I don't think that the millions of Christians on this planet would all of a sudden kill, steal, and find a new god. The Old Testament is God's Word, and will always remain in effect.


For the Anti-Masons to claim that Masons keep the secrets of other Masons, including murder and treason, is a lie. The part of the Masonic Obligation that this accusation is "taken from" is either unintentionally misunderstood, or intentionally twisted. The phrase is, a Mason promises to keep the secrets of a Brother Mason murder and treason excepted, not accepted. The Anti-Masons know this, but the intentional distortion of this small word has given them much ammunition. Many of the U.S. Grand Lodges have removed the word excepted, and replaced it with the word excluded. This slight change should make it very clear to every person who hears it, or reads it, that murder and treason are not part of a Masonic conspiracy, nor acceptable Masonic behavior.


To believe that the Masonic Fraternity is involved in an effort to turn the planet into a single world Government, based on Communism, with a world monetary system, leading to some kind of "New World Order" is another lie. The Masons are not now, nor have they ever, been involved in a plot of this description. While there have been members of this Fraternity who have been involved in Politics, there has never been a member who supports Communism/Socialism. Remember, Communism is wholly opposed to personal rights, and individual freedoms. While the pursuit of human rights is a constant in the heart of all Masons. Which is why tyrannical killers like: Adolph Hitler, Francisco Franco, Fidel Castro, Bonito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Mohamar Ghadaffi, the Ayatolla Khomeni, Sadam Hussain, and many other dictatorial killers have spread outright lies, and publicly condemned Freemasonry. In Adolph Hitler's book; Mein Kamph, he emphatically states that the first two groups to be exterminated are "Freemasons and Jews". How can you be assured that when Hitler declared the Masons "enemies of the people", he was not telling the truth? Consider this, Hitler turned on Russia after signing a treaty of non-aggression. He turned on his "friend" Mussolini. And he is directly responsible for the murder of over six million men, women and children, the vast majority of whom were Jewish. Hermann Rauschnigg wrote a book called; Conversations with Hitler. In this book the author covers many topics, one of which is Freemasonry. Hitler stated that he opposed Freemasonry because the Catholic Church opposed it. I will quote Hitler from this book: "Now we are the strongest and therefore, we shall eliminate both the Church and Freemasons." Adolph Hitler was a cruel man, and apparently the only way he could seize power of a financially destitute Germany was to unite its people into a force fighting a common enemy. Hitler blamed the Jews, Masons, Blacks, Catholics and just about anybody else he could think of, for the poverty of his countrymen. Once the "enemy" was named all they needed to do was eliminate the enemy and Germany would be successful. This was obviously a man who did not know what the truth was. This is why the rantings of people like Hitler should never be heeded.


The Masonic Fraternity does not, as a whole, permit or endorse racism. Freemasonry regards a man for his inward qualities, not his external. Afterall God created man in "His Own Image", and as such we are all created as equals.


I wish to point out that the United States of America was originally founded by people who wished only for the right to have certain "rights". Such as the right to worship God in their own way. However, many of the colonial Puritans felt that their "way" was the only way to praise the Lord, and anyone who did not worship in the same manner, must surely be worshipping the devil. Of course, some of the Popes of the Catholic Church are not without this same kind of "blemish" on their record. The Crusades started because the Pope wanted everyone to belong to "The One True Faith". Which of course was Catholicism, and any other Religious practice must surely be Anti-Christ. Take the members of the Southern Baptist, for example. The Baptists of the pre-civil war era, had only one governing body. The Southern group split off because they claimed the scriptural foundation for slavery was in the Bible. Do the Southern Baptists still believe this ? no they don't. And proof of this was publicly announced in June of 1995. The Southern Baptist "officers" issued an official declaration apologizing for, "condoning and/or perpetuating individual and systematic racism."

How about the beautiful country of Ireland, torn by years of fighting, killing, and bombing, between the Catholics and Protestants is it really over the proper way in which to get to heaven ? Or is there a deeper reason for all this killing ? Or, how about the former country of Yugoslavia ? Is the killing, rape, and systematic genocide between the Serbs, Croats and Muslims really over property rights ? No it is not, it is all in the name of Religion. This is not what our Lord intended for his subjects. Granted, a man-made institution will never be "perfect" but if there is a group, such as Freemasonry, which allows members to have differing political, social, and religious views, then it should be looked upon a good thing. There is nothing "Un-Holy" or "Evil" about the Masons, or the Elks, Moose, Kiwanis, Boy Scouts, or any other similar group. The only way we as the human race, can ever hope to gain peace and harmony, here on earth, is to lay aside our differences, and come together as friends. The United States of America was founded on the belief that God is the Ruler and Creator of all. And the acknowledgement of God is what has allowed this country to exist from the very beginning, to the present day. Our Political leaders have always sought the divine wisdom which only God can give. The dollar bill in your wallet, and the penny in your pocket serve as a constant reminder of this. "In God We Trust" is not a Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim or any form of a religious statement. It is an American statement, one which acknowledges the Divine Creator, not a Religion. God did not create Religion, man created Religion. And as such, there will always be disagreements at to which is the "One True Religion", that is why Freemasonry is so important to society. Membership in this Fraternity ensures a meeting place, "common ground" if you will, for men of all Nationalities, Political Policies, or Religions to meet and share in the fellowship, and brotherhood necessary in this life.


For the Anti-Masons to claim that the members of the Masonic Fraternity worship false gods, such as Baal, Osirus, etc., is a flat out lie. As I have stated before, all Masons know that there is only One God, and he is The Lord God, our Father who is in Heaven. And, for any Anti-Mason to claim that they have proof that Masons worship any bogus god is another lie.


The members of the Masonic Fraternity, as a whole, do not participate in Cabbalism, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, Spirit Mediums, or any of the other Occult practices. Nor do they take part in the "New Age" movement, so often touted as the ruination of the human race. Each member of this Fraternity must posses a belief in the Lord God, there is no room for a member to have Occultic or Satanic practices. For the Anti-Masons to make this claim only shows their intentional attempt to discredit Freemasonry with any lie they can think of. Nor is it a rival religion, Freemasonry is not a religion, that much has already been established. The accusation that Freemasonry is a cult, is another blatant lie by the Anti-Masons. A very long time ago when Christianity was at its inception, it was considered a cult by the established religions at that time. The Christian faith has proven that it is not a cult, but that its fundamental teaching that a persons salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ is all that is needed to be forgiven and to enter the gates of heaven.


Masons do not now, nor have they ever participated in any kind of cannibalism. Nor do the Masons offer a Holy Communion to its members, like the one offered in Church. These are just more examples of how far these Anti-Masons are willing to stretch in order to come up with "new and revealing" fabrications in their continuing attempt to discredit and destroy this Fraternity.


Every Christian knows that belief in the Lord Jesus, and our Salvation through him, is the only way one can get to Heaven. Nowhere in any Masonic ceremony or ritual is a member told that being a good Mason is a path to resurrection. The story about Hiram Abif, is an allegorical story that depicts a man, who was murdered by his employees, while defending his integrity in keeping a promise he made to Soloman, King of Israel, and Hiram, King of Tyre. It is not about a man being raised from the dead, as so often touted in the Anti-Masonic literature. In the Master Mason Degree, when the murdered body of Hiram Abif is "raised" from the grave, on the brow of a hill west of Mount Moriah, the body was not brought back to life. It was exhumed, from the shallow grave dug by his murders and relocated to a more suitable burial place. Where it was given a proper funeral ceremony.


Referring to another member of this Fraternity as a Brother, is not a violation of the Gospel of Christ. Do you have any male siblings ?, if so what do you use as the word to describe that relationship... he is your Brother. Thousands of military veterans who served together call each other brother as well. I guess there is no way to prove, or disprove, what our Lord and Savior meant as to the definition and application of the word "Brother". Is it to only be used to describe his disciples, if so then there are only twelve true brothers. Or can it refer to any group of closely knit men?. This is really a very petty point raised by the Anti-Masonic propagandist, and one which has no validity.


For these "Christian" Anti-Masons to place such narrow parameters on whom one can associate with, taken to its literal extreme, is very narrow-minded and quite twisted. Where do they work or shop, do they expect everyone to believe that they are so select as to only associate with the right kind of "Christians" ? I find it very hard to fathom any one person living such a secluded lifestyle. When the Bible makes mention of us not being unequally yoked with un-believers, the meaning was not in the variance of Religious worship, but in the difference between Believers in God, and Atheists. And, since no atheist can be a Mason this is another empty and irrelevant accusation.


The Masons do not give funeral rites in the same sense that the Church does. Have you ever attended a Military Funeral Service, no one would suggest that these people performing the service are doing something Anti-Christian. The Masonic Fraternity, much the same way, is doing nothing more that honoring one of its deceased members, and in no way conflicts with the teachings of the Bible or the Church.


This is a really petty statement, made by a very small, and jealous person. If a member of this Fraternity gives a preference to another member, that is his own choice. There never has been and there is not now any mandate in any Masonic Lodge, which tells its membership to show any kind of favoritism. While hiring or promoting a worker because they are family or a friend may be common practice in some places. The person who was passed over for that position will almost always feel bitter and will try to find a reason for their short-comings. The scape-goat of nepotism, or because the other person was a friend or because he was a Mason are the only way they can reassure themselves that they were shut-out of what should have rightfully been "theirs". If a Mason were told to only purchase an automobile from another Mason, then there would not be hundreds of auto dealerships you see in every major city. As another example, to claim that Masons must vote for a Mason is false. There are Republican and Democrat Masons in office right now. If there were to be a mandatory favoritism placed upon its membership, there would only be Masons in one of the two political parties, not both. In fact, it is strictly forbidden, solicitation for elections is not allowed. Membership lists are not allowed for solicitation of any kind. Such behavior is considered Un-Masonic and is subject to expulsion.

ETA: The above is reprinted by permission.

1995, Conspiracy of Hate: A Christian Perspective on the un-Christian Tactics of the anti-Masons

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