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Part 4 of 5


The person who came up with their version of what this Eastern Star "word" means, is not only a liar, but also an incompetent researcher. The use, or reference, of the word Fatal comes from the description of Jobs Daughters, in the Old Testament. His daughters were thought to be some of the loveliest women, out of the thousands of women, who lived in that region. Thus the word Fatal is derived. Which means, Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely. It does not reflect any kind of suicide pact, or murder pact of Eastern Star members to kill members who reveal the Star "secrets". Like I have stated before, nearly every lesson in this Fraternity comes out of the Bible, and for the Anti-Masons, or in this case the Anti-Star, to twist these lessons around into some kind of demonic, cult-like ritual, only shows how far they will go in their attempt to discredit this honorable Fraternity.


For the Anti-Masons, or Anti-Eastern Stars, to say that members of this Fraternity, men or women, have "evil" meanings behind certain colors is not only a lie, but this accusation eludes any kind of intelligent thought process. Do the colors of Red, White, and Blue, in the American Flag have a special meaning ? Yes they do. Are they evil, most assuredly not. Does the Red Passion Cross hanging on a banner in a Church have a special meaning ? Yes it does. Is it the color red evil, no. There is absolutely nothing evil, satanic, or Anti-Christian about this Fraternity, or any of the colors used in the clothing, or other paraphernalia.


For the Anti-Masons to claim that members of the Masonic Fraternity practice bloody sacrifices or acts of evil under a full moon is not only a lie, but a very bizarre one at that. At a time in history, before electricity, people who traveled at night utilized whatever light there was from the moon and stars. When Masons of old traveled to and from their Lodge meetings under the light of a full moon, it was because a full moon gives off more light than a quarter or eighth moon. There is nothing satanic or evil about a full moon. How could there be ? After all God created the Heavens, and for the Anti-Masons to assert that the moon and stars, are evil is to say God and/or his Creations are evil.


There is no such god. No place in scripture can this bogus god be found. And, it most certainly is not the God worshipped by the Masons. All Masons know that there is no other God, but the Lord God our Father, in Heaven. The reference of this bogus god, was made back in 1307, by two members of the Knights of the Temple, (Knights Templar). The Knights Templar were a monastic military group, originally formed, in part, by Pope Honarius II, in 1117, to protect the lives of Christians, who were traveling to the Holy Land. Many of these people who traveled to the Holy Land felt that the Knights Templar had indeed been of tremendous help, so much in fact that many of these travelers gave the Knights gifts consisting of both money and property holdings. This allowed the Knights to build up their own fleet of vessels, armory and other necessities. Much of their properties included islands, as well as vast estates in most of Europe and more especially England. The Knights Templar were in existence for over one hundred fifty years, and in that time over twenty thousand men were members of this group of knight-monks. Then, seemingly without reason, on Friday October 13th, 1307, Pope Clement V, with the help of King Philip IV of France, issued a Bull which had given the order to arrest all of the Knights Templar, and execute them, after a torturous prison sentence. The Bull further stated that if any person were to be caught aiding these Knights, then those persons involved would be excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church, tried of heresy and executed. Believe it or not, out of all of the hundreds of Knights that had been arrested and tortured, records show only two made a "confession" to the worshipping of this baphomet. What were some of these tortures ? Well some of the favored methods of the day were; burning of the flesh, whipping with the flesh exposed until bleeding, even the opening of the torso and allowing the intestines to hang out and searing them over a bed of coals all while the person was still alive. I might add, that confessions were made quite possibly in the hope of having their lives spared. Needless to say, they were still executed. Now why would the Pope, the leader of the largest Christian denomination of the world, and the King of France, want to kill off all these Knights ? I can sum it up in one word... greed. This was the only way they were able to lay claim to all of the property and funds of these Knights. Which in turn helped to fund King Philip's continuing war against England, as well as lining the coffers of Pope Clement V.


The accusation that one must pay exorbant amounts of money to join a Masonic Lodge, is another misconception. The amount of money to join any organization, Masonry included, is used to cover costs of operating, not to "get rich". If a person wishes to join any Civic, Veteran, or Fraternal group, then that group has the right to charge what they feel is a fair amount for its dues. Much the same way millions of retirees belong to A.A.R.P., there are dues to pay each year, and in return the person receives a membership card and a news letter. If a person cannot afford to join the organization of their desire, then they should not concern themselves with that organization until such time as they can afford to join. What is financially draining, is the constant barrage of televangelists soliciting funds through the tactics of the fear of damnation and the high pressure phone operators. And I am sure we all know of at least one story where an individual had been bilked our of their entire life savings, all in the name of salvation.


For the Anti-Masons to continually recount the alleged abduction and murder of William Morgan, in 1826, by some Masons, only shows their ignorance and for anyone to claim they have proof, they are a liar. William Morgan was to, supposedly, be writing an exposť on the Masonic Fraternity. Allegedly he was kidnapped and murdered to prevent his book from being published. I will quote from Jabez Richardson, 1860, "...then it was discovered that the Masons who kidnapped William Morgan were, after all, simply ruffians, and not by any means representatives of the Masonic Fraternity". With a little research, the Anti-Masons could have found out the truth behind this story. But they prefer to continue their campaign of lies, I guess it helps pay their bills.


The accusation that Masons keep the secrets of another Mason, regardless of what that secret may be, is not only a misconception but a lie. There is not one Mason who would keep silent about another Mason who is guilty of rape, incest, robbery, etc. This is proven because there have been Masons expelled from this Fraternity for such offenses. And, the kind of secrets that are kept, are usually of a different nature. For example, Harry Houdini was a Mason, so were some of his "helpers". In order to perform some of his escapes he needed the assistance of a person who could keep the secrets to his illusions. And what better way to guarantee that security than to enlist the aid of a Brother Mason. That kind of loyalty cannot be bought, but through the partnership of one Mason assisting another Mason it is a given value and not subject to outside bribery or influence. The fact is, Masons stand for morality, and would never keep the secrets of another Mason especially if those secrets were immoral or illegal. And for the Anti-Masons to twist this part of the Masonic Obligation around into something corrupt or evil only shows their flawed thinking. Unlike the confidentiality between an attorney and their client or a Priest and a confessor, Masonic secrets are nowhere near the same. The Anti-Masons should really research their false accusations before making them, lawsuits could, and should result from the continual attack on this Fraternity.


For the Anti-Masons to tell people that the Masons encourage, expect, or demand the consumption of alcoholic beverages is another lie. The Masonic Lodges in America prohibit the consumption of alcohol before, during and after its meetings. If there were to be any alcohol on the premises, then those members involved may be subject to suspension or expulsion. And, the Lodge where such an action takes place, could lose its Charter. At one time, if a man wished to join the Masonic Lodge, and he worked at, or owned any kind of a business which made, sold, served or distributed alcoholic beverages he could not join. This eliminated men who worked in restaurants, taverns, liquor stores, breweries, and many other occupations. However, the majority of Grand Lodges in the U.S. removed that restriction between 1964 and 1975. If the Lodge, or building, is planning on holding a special dinner, or wedding reception, then the Grand Lodge will issue a dispensation permitting certain kinds of alcoholic beverages to be served. This is the only exception to the rule.


In the "Order Of The Temple" Degree, for a Knight Templar, when the man drinks wine, or juice, out of a cup resembling a skull, it is not done in an evil, demonic ceremony. The purpose of this part of the ceremony is to make the strongest impression possible on the Mason, that all mankind will die and we must all drink from the "bitter cup of death"--even which our Savior Jesus Christ was not exempt. And, the newly made Knight Templar is then reminded that everyday could be his last day, and he is admonished to live out his days for the Glory of Christ Jesus, the Savior of the world.


For the Anti-Masons to claim that Masons, by donning Fraternal titles, are making themselves into gods is another lie. All Christians know that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and the Priest Most High. When a Mason receives the lesson about the Priesthood of Melchizedek, it is used to impress upon him that he should ever strive to live his life like the Priest Melchizedek in thought, word and deed. The references to Melchizedek come from Genesis 14:18, and also from Hebrews 5:1-10, 6:20 and the whole of chapter 7.

Let me make this perfectly clear... at no time is a Mason, told that he is the equivalent to the Lord Jesus Christ, nor is he told that he has become a god. It is truly appalling the way in which the Anti-Masons will twist the simplest word, phrase or lesson around into some kind Anti-Christ demonic ceremony. What is Anti-Christ is the continual barrage of lies and deceptions that the Anti-Masons have used over the past two hundred years.


The Shriners, who do wear a red fez, do so as a symbol of the Fraternity. Not as some Anti-Masons would have you believe, to honor satan, and the murder of thousands of Christians in Morocco. According to the Anti-Masonic propaganda, the Muslims supposedly murdered fifty-thousand Christians, some time in early eighth century Morocco, and the streets ran red with blood, and then these murderers dipped their hats, [the fez], in the blood as a tribute to Allah, who the Anti-Masons claim is satan. This is another lie ! To begin with, according to every legitimate history book, there were so few Christians living in, or near, early eighth century Morocco, that it is impossible for there to have been the supposed fifty-thousand. The Fez is a hat named after the City of Fez, Morocco, which did not come into existence until late in the eighth century.


For the Anti-Masons to continually use this statement as one of the reasons to not become a Mason, eludes any kind of common sense. First of all, if a member wants to drop-out of the Lodge, then he will be issued a certificate of resignation, or demit, which states that he has officially severed all ties with Masonry. On the other hand, if the member does something criminal, after joining the Lodge, ie; rape, murder, child molestation, robbery, even some misdemeanors, then he is suspended while under investigation, and when convicted, he is kicked out of the Lodge. These expelled members are the source of many of the Anti-Masonic lies.

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