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Part 5 of 5


To say that the Masons run around bragging about all the money they donate, and all the charities they support, is one of the most vulgar and disgusting things I have ever heard come out of the mouth of a "Christian". Not only is it not true, but you would be hard pressed to find any member of this Fraternity who can "run off" a list of charities when asked about them. If you want to see headline grabbing public relations, just watch the television. You will see, not only advertisements asking for donations, but a thorough display of these charities in action, and the individuals that have been benefited. I am not slamming these groups, I am only making a comparison between the successfully achieved P.R. these groups have garnered and the lack of public awareness of the Masonic Charities. Consider these groups: The Salvation Army, U.N.I.C.E.F., Farm Aid, Ronald McDonald House, M.D.A., the Christian Childrens Fund, St. Jude's Medical Center, and several others. I have personally donated to many charities in my life, but when I tried to come up with a listing of up-to-date Masonically supported charities, the task was somewhat difficult. I suppose this is due to the "do it and don't brag" attitude that Masons have. I feel that it is important to let Non-Masons know exactly what it is that we do. There has, also, never been an incident like the one which took place in the United Way. There is no Mason, in any of the many Masonic Philanthropies, who is getting paid an outrageous six-figure income, taking a personal jet, and in general living it up off the funds raised for the very people the charity is supposed to be helping. That kind of behavior is considered Un-Masonic, and would surely lead to the expulsion of that member. I hope the chapter on Masonic Charities will be of interest, and enlightening to you, please support them.


This is a very narrow-minded slander, I do not know of any greater way to serve our Lord then to help our fellow man. I suggest you read 1 Corinthians 13:1-5, and James 2:24-26. And for any person, especially a "Christian", to say that Masons only do charitable work for their own glory is a lie. Masons do not support these charities for a "pat on their back", these philanthropies are supported with love and a genuinely good heart. And it is with the acknowledgment that it is from the Lord God Almighty that all blessings flow. If the above accusation were to be taken to its literal extreme, consider the implications, if a Jewish Mason and a Christian Mason are involved in the same charity, then only the Christian Mason would "receive credit" when he goes to Heaven, and the Jewish Mason would not "receive credit" for this charitable act and be condemned to hell for not following this unbelievably extremist view. There is no foundation for this ridiculous slander, and it should be totally disregarded.


As far as the idea that Masons are taught that they can earn their way into Heaven through the performance of good deeds is another lie. I will suggest you read Matthew 6:1-4, Luke 21:14, and James 2:14-17. In these, and several other scriptural references, our Lord and Savior admonishes us to back up our "words" with a charitable act. So once again, you can see, that Our Lord God has set a precedent, and we are admonished to follow his lead. The fact is that Masonry is not itself a Religion, but it is indeed Religious. To that end Masonry need not apologize. Masonry teaches its members that a Christian life utilizes not only high moral qualities, but in also providing relief to the less privileged.


For the Anti-Masons to continually quote, and misquote, this outdated, under-read and out of print author, is another example of their inept and shallow "research". Albert Pike was not, and is not, the authoritative voice of Freemasonry, as he has been so often purported to be by Anti-Masons. There is no such person, in the whole of Masonic History, and there will never be. Albert pike was a very intelligent man, and a prolific writer, and many of his works are good material. However, there have been many Masons who have had books about Masonry published, the fact that their work has been published does not mean that it suddenly becomes the belief held by all the Masons. Their books, much like this one here, only conveys the feelings and opinions of its author. It does not carry with it the same weight as "an act of Congress", as some of the Anti-Masonic literature has stated.


I wish the Anti-Masons who report this supposed "secret" would do a little honest research, before making false accusations. Every man who passes through the Royal Arch Mason Degree is given the explanation of this "word". The word is actually made up of three separate names all referring to God, from the four different languages which were most common during the second building of King Soloman's Temple. The period during which the allegorical stories of Royal Arch Masonry are founded. These languages were, Chaldean, Hebrew, Syrian and Egyptian. JAH, in Chaldean, means "His Essence and Majesty Incomprehensible", while in Hebrew it means, " I Am and Shall Be". BUL, coming from the Syrian language, meaning, "Lord on High". And ON, being Egyptian, means, "Father of All". For any person to claim that the Masons are worshipping some multi-headed, pagan, Anti-Christ deity, whose name is Jahbulon, is another outrageous lie !


I must point out, the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite and, the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite have never used the supposed reference to abbadon, as has been purported by the Anti-Masons. In my research for answers to the Anti-Masonic accusations, for this book, I contacted the main offices of both of these bodies, as well as speaking with several past presiding officers of the Scottish Rite. I can assure the reader of this book that the accusation of the Anti-Masons claiming that Masons use the name of this demon is a complete and utter lie. The only places I could find the use of this name just happens to be in any number of Masonic exposès. These are un-authorized "reproductions" of Masonic Degree work, and because they are un-authorized, they usually tend to contain fabricated information. It is truly appalling to think, that this is the kind of "research" these Anti-Masons conduct, they find any kind of damning "evidence" and they use it, regardless of whether or not it is true. The reason that people have been publishing these exposès, aside from the shock-value, is because they can generate a lot of money from the sale of the mis-information contained in them. The Masons do not use this "name" in any worship oriented way, and for any Anti-Mason to purport this statement is another lie. To begin with, the seventeenth Degree of the Scottish Rite, also known as The Knights of the East and West, is an allegorical story based on the Book of Revelations. In the seventeenth Degree, lessons are read to the candidate from the Book of Revelations, and given information about the Book of Seals. It is important to remember that nearly every lesson taught, or read, in a Masonic Lodge comes out of the Bible. And, for any of these "Christian" Anti-Masons to twist that material around, and take what is a beautiful presentation of the Word of God, and by twisting it into some kind of demon worship ceremony, is disgusting. All I can add to this is the suggestion that they read Proverbs 30: 5-6.


The Masons do not have a "special" Bible. The Bible used in the Masonic Lodge is, usually, the King James Version. The only thing that makes this Bible a "Masonic" Bible, is that it has a history of the Masonic Fraternity, and a concordance of the Scriptures used in Masonic Degrees, as well a place for the Mason to fill in the dates he received his Masonic Degrees. There is no real difference between this Bible and your Family Bible, where you can write in your Family history, or the dates your children were born, married, etc. And with regard to the placement of the Square and Compasses on the Bible, this is not done, as the Anti-Masons purport, to place the Fraternity "above the Word of God", but it serves as a reminder that the Word of God is the "foundation" for Freemasonry. And so it should be the foundation for everything in our lives. It is a shame that more of these "Christian" Anti-Masons couldn't make this same claim. It seems that the only foundation in their lives is the pursuit of financial gain through the spreading of lies and hate.


Yes, the Lord Jesus did say he is "The Light of Our Salvation", but there is a big difference in the way the word, or term, "light" is being used by the Masons. If you are uneducated about a certain subject, then you are "in the dark". If, on the other hand, you are well versed in a particular subject, you are "enlightened". When you walk into a darkened room, what do you do ?, you turn on the "light". How about when one person tells another person to "lighten up", how many times have you heard the term "the light of a new day",. Of course we have all enjoyed the opportunity to watch a "light-hearted comedy". When you, or I, use the word light in this manner, we are not blaspheming our Lord and Savior. The use of the term "light" in the Masonic Lodge only refers to the light of knowledge, not the Light of Salvation.


I am not trying to make a slander against the Catholic Church, The Vatican, Catholics or the Pope. As a Catholic I have been Baptized, received Communion, served as an Altar boy, been Confirmed, and Married, in a Catholic Church. But when these popes issued their statements, they did so out of ignorance, greed and in pursuit of more power. How many bulls were issued, I found several. They are not limited to just the following: Pope Leo XII, March 13, 1825, Pope Pius VIII, May 21, 1829, Pope Gregory XVI, August 15, 1832, Pope Pius IX, November 9, 1846 and Pope Leo XIII, April 20, 1884. Why did Pope Leo XIII, and several other Popes, have this hatred toward Freemasonry and its members?, well the only way to keep the tight reigns on the people of the Catholic Church, was to use fear, of ex-communication, and other forms of intimidation.

As an example, quite possibly the strongest statement against Freemasonry made by a Pope is when Pope Leo XIII issued his encyclicle, on April 20th, 1884, titled, Humanum Genus, he was only giving into the fear that comes out of ignorance. In his Papal Bull, he cites several reasons that Freemasonry, in his opinion, is wrong. Some of these reasons are: Masons believe in and support the Freedom of Religion, Masons believe in and support the Separation of Church and State, Masons believe in and support the Education of children by Laypersons, (public schools) and Masons believe in and support citizens making laws and electing their own Government. The Masons were not the only group to suffer this zealous and vindictive attitude. Several Popes have also issued Papal Bulls stating that life insurance is also against the teachings of the Church. Why?, well if you, supposedly, had so little faith in God, that you felt you needed life insurance to sustain your family in the event of your untimely death, then you obviously could not be a "Christian". Thus any insurance, or insurance based fraternities, were considered "Anti-Christ".

In 1882, the Knights of Columbus was formed as an "acceptable" fraternity for Catholic men. Of course the Knights of Columbus, in years to come, would offer insurance benefits to its members. This does not mean that for people to have insurance is against the word of God, even though God tells us to not worry about the material things. After all he takes care of the birds of the air, so He will take care of us. But, the old saying of God helps them who help themselves, also has some validity.

You are admonished to take care of your family, and if a life insurance policy is the means to this end, then it most certainly cannot be in violation with the word of God. These and many other ideals were against the Pope keeping total control over the members of the Church, and in effect he was nothing more than a dictator, because of this action. Another example of a Pope and his misguided attempt prove his wisdom and rules were above all others, took place in 1610. That is when the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei made the discovery, and subsequent announcement that the Earth revolved around the Sun and not the other way around. Well this infuriated Pope Urban VIII, so much that he accused Galileo of heresy and threatened him with excommunication if he didn't rescind his statement. Well, Galileo, not wanting to fall into bad grace with the church recanted.

Of course, for any person to believe opposite of Galileo's findings would be considered a complete fool in todays world. And the Pope of the twentieth century would most certainly not feel the same as the Pope of the seventeenth century. The current Pope, and some of his predecessors, have modified their views on certain matters, over time. Proof of their willingness to move forward can be found in the everyday lives of todays Catholics. In 1976, the policy of no meat on fridays during lent was repealed, leaving that decision up to the individual. Many of the teaching staff in Catholic schools had been made up of only Priests and Nuns, however it is now made up of many laypersons. I myself taught first grade religious education, and I am not a Priest. Even the Church's stand on membership in Fraternal and Civic organizations has been lifted.

ETA: The above is reprinted by permission.

© 1995, Conspiracy of Hate: A Christian Perspective on the un-Christian Tactics of the anti-Masons

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Thanks for posting this series of Light!

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Thanks for posting that Duncan223.
Whenever I'm asked about "secrets" in Freemasonry, I tell the person asking there is only one. The secret by which one Brother maty know another.
If they persist, I refer them to the King James version of the Holy Bible. All the answers they could ever ask are contained within the scriptures.

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We joke that the biggest secret is the combination to the back door of the building. Why is it that when someone can't find something wrong they make stuff up.

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Why is it that when someone can't find something wrong they make stuff up.

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