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06-22-2007, 18:06
My wife and her sister are going to be in Vegas next week, and they wanted to find a particular Thai restaurant - supposedly famous, fantastic food, not on the Strip (apparently in a strip shopping center?).
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

06-23-2007, 17:39
Hi mouser,

The restaurant is called Lotus of Siam, and it indeed has received an amazing amount of national press, considering that it is not at all fancy or upscale. It's located on East Sahara -- maybe 5 minutes east of the strip by car -- in a strip mall called the Commercial Center.

The restaurant does a buffet lunch that is pretty good, but all the rave reviews are about the menu and chef at dinner.

Hope your wife and friend enjoy their time in Vegas!

(By the way, the Commecial Center mall has some dicey/adult-oriented businesses, and the area around the Commercial Center is not the best. Just use a bit of extra caution and awareness around the area.)

06-23-2007, 19:32
Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

I appreciate all the info, especially the references regarding the neighborhood.
If you're ever in this area (DC/ No. VA), let me know! Oh, and welcome, new member! :)