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06-25-2007, 19:43
The Sandusky Register has printed CCW holder’s information in a five county radius.

If you wish to see your name up in lights then go to the Saudusky Register's ( web site and search for "Concealed Carry" to view the list's!

Strange that on the exact same day as the posting of the CCW holders information they also printed a Story ( stating Gov. Strickland supports a secrecy provision of CCW holder’s information. Here is an excerpt from the story.
"Knowledge of who possesses a concealed carry permit may put permit holders at risk of theft attempts," according to a reply from Strickland's office to questions about the secrecy provision.

I for one am VERY ANGERED about this situation! This information being made public can cause all sorts of problems. 1st. criminals now a have a name which they can search and come up with an address in a matter of seconds. Now they have an address and know you have guns to steal and if you went to the bother of getting a CCW permit this probably means you have more than one gun to steal. 2nd. this information is now available to Insurance Company’s that can build a trumped up case that you now need to pay more for health insurance because statistically you are more of a risk to shooting your self, all gun owners have seen the trumped up statistics. 3rd this information my preclude you from getting a job, cause you to be terminated, or put you under undue scrutiny and/or disciplinary action because of all the company's "no guns on premises" rules. If any the above apply to any affected CCW permit holder post printing of this information then I see a great case for a Class Action law suit against the Register for liable and slander.

You can also contact the Sandusky Register on-line at besides calling 800-466-1243 (Toll Free) M-F 8am-7pm Sa-Su 7am-12pm.

Even if your name hasn't appeared on this list I suggest you contact your Ohio State Senator ( and your Ohio State Representative ( and tell them a secrecy provision of CCW holder’s information is absolutely necessary! DON'T LET THIS STAND OR YOUR NAME IS NEXT!!


PS: I am going to try to post this information in the Ohio section of too the more who know the more that can write in. If there is an Ohio section of a gun site that you frequent besides I suggest that you post the information there, this needs to get out to all Ohio gun owners.

06-25-2007, 21:50
"The List"

Huron County (

Erie County A-L (

Erie County M-Z (

Sandusky County (

Ottawa County (

06-26-2007, 06:16
Daubs, not trying to be a PITA, but I feel that putting the links on here to the lists is not a very good idea. That's just encouraging more people to view law abiding citizens names and private information. Please reconsider the privacy of these idividuals by editing your post to remove the links. Personally, I have not viewed any of the lists. I feel it is none of my business to know who is carrying and who is not.

06-26-2007, 17:52
Linda, I certainly see where you are coming from. I posted the lists because people were contacting me saying they were having difficulty finding the lists to see if there name made the "honor roll". I want people to see their names and get upset enough to contact the proper channels, out of sight out of mind really applies here.

The majority of the people on this site are gun owners so I don't feel posting the links are going to make "listed" peoples neighbors spy on them or give them dirty looks. The information is there whether I post links to it or people find it themselves. If more people want the links de-listed then post and I will consider it.

I'd also like to add some more information on the issue from the Buckeye Firearms Association website. (

The decision to make the lists available to readers was made by the Register's managing editor Matt Westerhold. All inquiries should be directed to 419-609-5866 or

Matt Westerhold transplanted his anti-concealed-carry agenda from his former job at the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, where he also ordered the publishing of law-abiding CHL-holders' names.

I also had an idea that everyone should contact the Registers advertisers and ask them to boycott spending their advertising dollars with the Register until they de-list CCW permit holders information and offer an apology for putting honest people at the risk of criminals. According to the BFA one advertiser has already pulled their advertising and told the Register to remove their newspaper boxes from their property.

Very Important The BFA asks:
" Please e-mail if your name is on any of these lists and you received your CHL after 3/29/07 "
if so the register broke the law!

06-28-2007, 21:09
Nothing like putting the hammer down on these irresponsible editors.

Be sure to read the related stories at the bottom of the article.

09-20-2007, 13:27
When CCW first became law in Ohio the Plain Dealer had a field day posting names, ages and county of residence. First time I ever saw my name in print.