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06-26-2007, 01:43
Leroy and Rastus were talking and Leroy ask if Rastus knew that Ol' Leo The Lion had escaped fromt he city zoo the night before." Do I know?' Rastus ask," Ol'Leo The Lion chased me all over the hood!" First he ran up on me and I jumped up an a car and Ol'Leo The Lion went slidin on by! Then he chased me over by your house and I jumped on the light pole and ol" Leo The Lion went slidin by! I ran over to Mazies hose and Ol Leo the Lion caught up to me and I had to jump up in her sons boat, and Ol'Leo THe Lion went slidin by" Leroy said,If Ol' Leo the Lion had been chasing me,Id a crapped my pants!" Rastus looked at Leroy and said," What the hell you think Ol'Leo THe Lion was slidin in?"