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06-26-2007, 13:00
DATE: *Saturday* June 30th
LOCATION: Cedar Ridge Range
SIGN UP: 0900HRS - 0945HRS

Texas Tactical will be putting on an IDPA Match
this Saturday June 30th at the Cedar Ridge
Range between Austin and San Antonio. Bring a
friend or two or 3 and introduce them to all the
fun! Everyone is welcome!

If anyone would like to help with setup please
arrive at 0800hrs OR 0900hrs sharp. The range
owners open the gate at 0800hrs for us, then they
lock it back until 0900hrs when the range
officially opens. Help would be greatly

For more info and directions check out:


Please arrive on time for sign up and promptly
sign up. This helps us bring you a more efficient
and enjoyable match.

Depending on interest and help there will
be a Shotgun Sidestage after the match. (Birdshot

Hope to see y'all there.

Michael "Iron Mike" Webb
Texas Tactical

06-28-2007, 19:15
What is the status for this event with all the rain? Also, any charge for admission for non-shooters?

06-28-2007, 20:28
You can go to the website the morning of the match and get the latest word. If it is not cancelled, the match is on.

You can also sign up for emails as part of the yahoo group and Mike will notify you as soon as possible if a decision is made to cancel matches. By the way, there is NO spam or other unwanted use of your email. I have been on the list for several years and have NEVER recieved any spam from it nor any hint of unethical use of this information.

There has never been a charge to watch a match at Texas Tactical. On the contrary, visitors are encouraged to learn what we do, even if you are not prepared to shoot at that time. In fact, it might be a good idea to get there around 9:15 or so in order to attend the new shooters meeting. This will really give you and idea what to expect and help you better understand what you are watching as the match progresses.

As a caution, however, I would encourage you to bring your gear. On my first visit, I regretted not having all my stuff after about two minutes of watching others shooting and having fun. Your choice. Bring eye and ear protection whether you shoot or not.

Match fee is only $20.

The folks there are very cordial and welcoming of new people. I would encourage you to "join up" with a squad and pitch in and help tape targets and mingle with the shooters on the squad. Talk to them.

Have fun.

06-29-2007, 21:38
Anybody know the status of the match? Did it rain today at the range?


06-30-2007, 15:04
Shot my first idpa match at this meet today. Awesome time and great help and instruction. If you haven't shot one, go! You won't regret.

06-30-2007, 22:19
Ugh, I overslept and missed it... :(

Chuck TX
07-02-2007, 01:17
I'm going to have to go one of these times. Problem is I'm a night person and only get up early during hunting season.

07-02-2007, 01:32
Originally posted by Chuck TX
I'm going to have to go one of these times. Problem is I'm a night person and only get up early during hunting season.

Yeah I am more of a night person also...hence the reason I didn't make this one (didn't hit the sack till 2:30am)...although I usually make a special effort to get up early for Mike's matches as I have a great time at them.