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06-26-2007, 18:18
the gssf how do all feel about the shoots and how they are ran

07-11-2007, 11:15

Check this for both the indoor and outdoor matches. Outdoor matches have more rounds, different courses of fire, and are much more fun IMO. The next outdoor match in the area is in Conyers on Sep. 29-30, I would try to make this one and shoot in at least 2-3 divisions. Hopefully the website can answer most of your questions as far as how it is ran.

Also, there are several indoor matches around the Atlanta area: Ellijay, Cobb County, Cumming, Gainesville to name a few. The website will have the indoor league matches dates listed also. If competition shooting is something you enjoy try some IPSC or IDPA, again several clubs/matches for both in the Atlanta area.

07-20-2007, 16:53
THANK'S I LOVE TO SHOOT AT THEM GSSF OUTSIDE DON'T KNOW WHY ?? MAYBE one day i will shoot the indoor one's