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Goldendog Redux
06-29-2007, 16:28
Who else rode one today? Took a friend up to airport in Reno. I almost wore riding gear and brought my helmet. I didn't. When the guy convinced me to grab a helmet off the shelf and take the beast for a ride I complied.

So I rode her, resplendent in my best squid gear. Shorts, t-shirt and Vans. I almost put a down payment on one.

She was kind of hard to ride since I had a chubby. I only rode her briefly and only got her to third gear. I just couldn't get on the freeway wearing what I had on.

Wicked brakes, nice sound, good power and she looks sick.

I could only imagine getting used to that thing. You'd prolly be backing her into every turn you find since you are up on the front tire like crazy.

Go find a Duc dealer and ride one since it is the grand unveiling.


06-30-2007, 20:51
Just rode the S model today too at SoCal Ducati in Brea, California. Very interesting bike. The handling is sweet because it's so light and short. The seating position so close to the handlebar is crazy but easily adaptable. But somehow it doesn't call for me. I dig supermotos but this one doesn't do anything for me since that it's not a supermoto but a street bike that looks like a supermoto.

The most amazing thing is that the stock exhaust is a lot louder than I thought. It actually sounds good. Not good enough to leave it on permanently, but not bad for a stock set of pipes.

Goldendog Redux
06-30-2007, 22:31
I could think of a lot of negatives about the thing. Fuel capacity being a huge one. The fun factor would be high however.