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Glenn E. Meyer
07-01-2007, 14:03
So today, I decide to go the the 'gun show' at Live Oak. Ugh:

1. Lots of pseudo country art work. Native America, t-shirts with big Flags and Eagles.
2. Jerky!!
3. Coins
4. Bins of crappy parts and screws and bolts!


5. Incredibly over priced guns. At Saxet, you could get a decent and below gun store price on most standard new items.

Two examples - a SW 542 for $450 ish. A Taurus Beretta 92 clone for $700.

Good God! Just get in the car and go to Academy 10 minutes away. You don't find Glock 19s there for >$500.

I heard one parts vendor say this show sucks and he's not coming back.

So will Saxet make it? Why don't they use the Live Oak center?

Bah - have to go to Austin for that show from now on.

07-02-2007, 06:46
I copied this from the Saxet web site I think they just moved from the Airport. I too wish they would come to the place you mentioned.

San Antonio, TX
Alzafar Shrine Temple

maps & directions

8 ft. Tables
$55.00 each

Fri. 11am - 10pm (Dealer Set Up)
Sat. 9am - 6pm Sun. 9am - 5pm

Jun 2-3 Jul 14-15
Aug 11-12 Sep 22-23

07-04-2007, 22:24
I choked on the $525 WASR-10 I saw there, but there was a Russian SKS for $275 that I wished I could have picked up.

07-14-2007, 10:55
The Alzafar place is off 1604, west of 281 about 1 or 2 exits.

Glenn E. Meyer
07-15-2007, 10:09
Went to the Alzafar show - at least they had some guns. It was ok and a vast improvement over that Live Oak debacle.

The dealers said that Saxet is having trouble getting the new space cleared out but working on it.