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Mr. Sinister
07-03-2007, 22:54
Is the Crossroads of the West show a decent place to buy a new gun or bulk boxes of ammo?
How good are the prices? Can I find better prices than online?

Doc Holliday
07-18-2007, 20:41
I need to get out and catch one of those shows...although WalMart has one of the best deals I have seen on WWB 9MM, it's a different story when I need to feed my Kel-Tec P32...hard to find this caliber ammo at a decent I have found so far was about $11 for a box of 50 at Legendary Guns, but I hate to travel all the way over there from Gilbert...Caswells is a rip at $15+ for the same stuff, though...

Mr. Sinister
07-18-2007, 21:18
Try or They both come close to WalMart (when you add tax to the WalMart price) on 9mm. If you consider Wolf ammo (which many people won't) they beat WalMart.

Doc Holliday
08-09-2007, 17:54
Another Crossroads Show coming up, September 8/9 at the Arizona State Fairgrounds....

Doc Holliday
09-07-2007, 19:23
Just a reminder, the Gun Show at the Fairgrounds is tomorrow...

09-09-2007, 09:17
I decided to pass on this gun show because the last few times I went, the place was jammed and the prices were beyond "rich". Add sales tax on top and I feel I can do much better on GB or G-of-A even with the S&H. In many instances, ammo prices were not nearly as good as Wal-Mart's. Food prices are absurd for what you actually get. I think that the folks running this particular part of the AZ Fair Grounds - which consists of three old and dumpy buildings in need of some serious work and a major facelift - are squeezing every nickle they can out of these shows by charging hefty site fees to the vendors and the concessions. Even a coat of paint would be a huge improvement. YMMV.