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07-07-2007, 11:31
Black Wing Shooting Center 7/7/2007

Todd Hicks 500-38x
Marc Dubis 496-39x G-34
Todd Hicks 496-35x
Steve Leach 494-38x G-24
Marc Dubis 494-30x G-34
Steve Leach 490-36x G-24
William Read 487-35x G-17
Steve Leach 486-29x G-24
Ryan Parsons 481-32x
John Kreuz 474-30x
John Kreuz 472-22x G-34
Ken Massie 466-25x
Dennis Brown 462-22x
Ryan Parsons 459-24x
John Kreuz 458-22x G-34
Edward Samsel 448-16x G-17
Edward Samsel 413-11x G-17
Steve Leach 376-31x G-24

Marc Dubis 500-44x G-24 Unlimited
Marc Dubis 495-40x G-24 Unlimited

Thanks to everyone for spending part of your holiday weekend with us
and remember that our next series begins 9/15/2007!

07-11-2007, 22:45
When are the finals coming out for the three month match? Who won the gun certificate? We are in suspense waiting for such results, Andy!