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07-09-2007, 06:59
Valley View Mall is starting a policy of if your are not 18 and unescorted then don't tresspass her after 6 o'clockpm on Friday and Saturday night.
These people are moving from Valley View Mall to the Valley View Wall-Mart parking lot at 10pm when the mall closes. This is going too cause them to move to Wal-Mart's lot at 6pm. I hope Wall-Mart has enough security.

07-09-2007, 07:14

When I managed the Village Courts Shopping Center on Boonesboro Road in Lynchburg, the center had an evening problem with teenagers. When I added additional security, the kids moved down the street to the Food Lion shopping center. All you can do is move them somewhere else.

07-09-2007, 08:43
Amen, Danny, they move to the next available property.

Financed some apartments in Alabama many years ago. Property behind it had a rough reputation - drugs, prostitution, a little gang recruiting.

The owner finally cracked down and the BGs moved onto our property. The owner statred having increased expenses and high vacancies.

I called him about it and he said things were bad. People were shooting guns on-site and everything. I told him to get with the local police, etc.

Three days later I get an envelope in the mail with what feels like empty .22 casings taped to cardboard. Sure 'nuf, inside were 12 casings and a note..."Just in case you didn't believe me!"

I did believe him, but figured he needed a visit, so I flew down, met with him and the local law enforcement. Moved a deputy into one of the apartments and a local PD K9 officer would come by on a regular basis. The dog destroyed a lady'd

Took about a month for the BGs to move out, trashing the apartments as they left, and move about three miles up the road to what they thought was a more hospitable environment. This property was owned by a local DA - bad move on BGs part.

Our local PD here are very visible in smaller strip centers when businesses are closing or during times when the take-out restaurants are busy. It has really lessened problems here.