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unit 900
07-09-2007, 09:48
I'm not really a computer guy, but by default I have to deal with a problem I cannot solve. My wife has an older Dell PowerEdge 600 server with a RAID 5 array. This is a back up machine in the event the new machine has a major problem. The server runs Server 2000 and will not boot. The 'progress bar' on the boot screen stops at about 1/4 of the way and will go no further. I have a legit copy of Server 2003 and the Dell bootable install CD. The machine will not boot from that either. I'm pretty much stuck at this point with the computer not wanting to boot from the HD or the CD. Any suggestions? I'm over my head and know it, but still need to get this puppy running. Thanks.

07-09-2007, 11:41
Press F12 during POST
Boot the Diagnostics partition

NB: if you didn't install the OS Using the DELL OpenManage software ... uh, you probably don't have a diagnostic partition. :sad:

Second best approach: look at the diagnostic lights; I haven't seen a PowerEdge 600 for a while, but the front power (blue) light will flash if there is something amiss. I don't believe the 600 has the diagnostic light on the backpane.

I also can't recall if the PowerEdge 600 has beep codes.

In that case, best you can do is go into setup and see what's not working. Check to see if the processor (s) and memory are correctly detected. Also, there should be a log accesibel in the setup area.

If one of your HDDs has failed, just swap in a working drive and RAID-5 will fix up the RAID.

Good luck, mi amigo. :wavey:

unit 900
07-09-2007, 14:38
Thanks for the replies. The function keys make no difference, so I cannot boot to diagnostic. It appears that the little green light that indicates hard drive activity is not lit. I will try and swap one of the other drives and see if that helps. Thanks all.

Tennessee Slim
07-10-2007, 11:38
I donít usually go straight to multiple hardware failures but since it wonít boot either from the RAID array or from the CD, it seems youíre already there.

I canít find any detail on that server so I donít know if it has USB ports. If it does, Iíd try a USB KB/mouse to see if you can get in control. Then Iíd try a USB external CDROM (which will do you no good if USB isnít already in the boot order).

As unlikely as it is for multiple hardware components to fail, it also occurs to me that those subsystems share a common dependency Ė the motherboard. I only mention it because I had a MoBo failure in a Dell 1750 in my last job and it exhibited similar symptoms.