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07-09-2007, 10:40
All that stuff yet still retains the belt drive? WTF, over? Nonetheless, a true American sport bike is in the making!!! Finally Buell gets an engine that it deserves. Check out the Cycle World site for pictures. Hmmm...I wonder how many people are going to start complaining about its looks?


You’ve read the rumors, now see the video. Buell will pull the wraps off a new and much more serious sportbike, the 1125R, at its international dealer show Sunday, July 8th, but the wonders of the web have delivered this Buell-produced video of the bike in action a day early, courtesy of our news-sniffing mates at England’s Motor Cycle News.

A clever ploy to turn up the volume on the bike’s viral buzz? A slip by the MCN tech in charge of video “flight time?” Who knows?

Here’s what we do know from viewing the video. Rumors have pegged the motor as Rotax-built, and the tape does nothing to disprove that. Powerplant is listed as a 72-degree V-Twin displacing 1125cc with a six-speed gearbox. It’s obviously liquid-cooled, a first for a Buell. Horsepower is claimed as 146 bhp; that’s undoubtedly at the crank, so expect 125-130 at the rear wheel, more than enough to vault the 1125R into a whole new performance league. The addition of a slipper clutch underscores the new bike’s seriousness.

Current XB12R Firebolt. Against long odds, Erik Buell & Co. had taken an air-cooled Sportster motor all the way from the Eisenhower days to the high banks of Daytona. The 1125 delineates a new era for Buell.
Though the footage is dark and shadowy, the familiar XB-series look is carried over. The bike appears to have a main half-fairing and a smaller shroud for the signature under-engine muffler (why change now, when the rest of the sportbike world seems to be adopting Buell’s muffler placement). Wheelbase is 54.5 inches, up 2.5 from the current XB12R. We’re told the gas-in-frame configuration is still used, though capacity has grown to 5.6 gallons. Likewise, there’s the next-generation of Buell’s rim front brake.

So, what we’ve got here is a new Super Buell, true to the brand’s iconoclastic nature, but taken to the next level by a motor that doesn’t have its design roots anchored in 1957. Looks like Ducati and Aprilia will have a new sport-Twin to worry about in 2008. Tune in to www.cycleworld.com later for Tech Editor Kevin Cameron’s overview and an 1125R photo galley.

07-09-2007, 20:12
I like the saddlebags on the front...
A little fairing re-design is definately in order.

07-10-2007, 01:59
It's going to need those two massive intakes both for feeding air and for cooling. I must say that the intakes look ungainly but if the bike can go like the devil's own then, really, who cares?!!

Tennessee Slim
07-11-2007, 21:00
Eric Buell gets a decent motor ...what a concept!!! I guess I can stop waiting on the Motoczysz. ;)

07-27-2007, 20:08
It will be interesting to see how it`ll stand up against the other twins.

07-28-2007, 13:43
This superBuell should be able to go up against an Aprilia or a Ducati with ease. It has the chassis, it has the engine, it has the suspension. I only see two weaknesses and one of them is a possibility only:

1. No aftermarket lighter wheels available.
2. The ZTL front brake can't cope with the newfound speed. Buell swears that the ZTL is fine, but hard core track riders complain about fading issues. Better pads help, I suppose.

The belt drive may not be that big of a deal but we shall see. How many people make different pulley sizes for the belt drive if you were to want to change your gear ratio?

07-29-2007, 18:40
I wish them success. I really would like to see a world class 21st century American motorcycle that can kick some but. I`am not sure if the belt drive is a good idea for a performance bike. If it was, it would be on the track by now. Also, if they get Rotax engines why din`t they make a stop at Brembo`s and Ohlin`s town also.

07-30-2007, 17:03
Originally posted by Laszlo
Also, if they get Rotax engines why din`t they make a stop at Brembo`s and Ohlin`s town also.

Brembo doesn't make the ZTL brake and I don't know why they didn't have something whipped up by Ohlins but I'm sure that Ohlins (and Penske and everybody else) will make aftermarket shocks and forks for it.

Bullwinkle J Moose
07-30-2007, 17:10
Check out this Bad Boy!