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07-10-2007, 02:55
i am wanting to refinish my rifle with Duracoat. does anyone know of a Shop in the Salt Lake Valley that i can get it refinished? any help would be appreciated


07-10-2007, 20:56
Gallensons maybe, or possibly Impact Guns or they should know who can.

Or as an alternative you can 'do it yourself'. I've been building a FAL and I've Duracoated the furniture myself without too much problem. You do need some kind of a spray paint system, such as HLVP or an airbrush, then you're good to go.

There's a lot of dealers online that carry DuraCoat for the do-it yourselfer. The paint and hardener are relatively inexpensive. I think I paid $25.00. The compressor for my airbrush set me back another $80.00 but still probably cheaper than having someone do it.

07-11-2007, 06:43
thanks for the lead. do you have any pics of your FAL? i shot one at Impact in Ogden and i had a blast. the main problem is i need to sandblast my gun any ideas on a local place to do that? im trying to do a cheaper refinish without buying the compressor. i know there is a company named Lauer (sp?) where you can buy a do it yourself duracoat refinish.
thanks, Matt

07-11-2007, 20:21
While sandblasting, actually they usually use walnut hulls, is usually done by the pros for the best finishing I don't think it's an absolute requirement unless your gun has a lot of surface rust. That's just my opinion though and I'm new at this myself, so...

Here's a few leads.
Check out
SteelCoatings.com (http://www.steelcoatings.com)
Keene Coatings
4170 W 2100 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84120
(801) 972-3822

I'm not having my FAL blasted but I am going to parkerize it myself. The parkerization process gives the steel a protected surface on its own, plus it provides a good surface for the DuraCoat to adhere to.
This is my first project like this so we will see how it goes. I'll post a few pics when I can get my hands on the wifes camera :)