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07-11-2007, 11:04
Hey all. Tried to google some NRA range info but seemed to come up with a lot of random sites. Also searched this site but for some reason it's timing out for me. Figured I'd take a shot in the dark and see if anyone knows offhand.

The NRA has issued me a year membership for being prior military and I would like to take advantage of the NRA sidearm range over on Rt 66 (Fairfax area). My questions are as follows.

01. Is my NRA card all I need for access to the range? What about taking a guest along?

02. Do I have to buy their targets and ammo or can I supply my own. Same question in regards to ear/eye pro. I assume I'm allowed to bring my own?

Basically I'm trying to get information on the fee's as a card holder with a guest and gear/equipment restrictions related to showing up at the NRA range.

Thanks in advance.


07-11-2007, 13:51
Here's the NRA HQ Range URL

The rates are on the web page

1. The range is open to members and non-members, member get a discount. You and your guest will need a "range card". Basically you take a common sense gun safety and handling "test" (hint all the answers are in the test). They'll go over any questions you miss.

2. You do not have to buy anything from the NRA. Bring your own ammo and targets......

BTW--very nice operations and staff.


07-11-2007, 14:29
Excellent thanks for the info.

07-11-2007, 15:07
They are very helpful to new shooters at the range.

It is a very good facility.


07-12-2007, 06:23

One thing that isn't on the website is that there is a $10 fee for the "NRA range card" for the first time you go there. You can also shoot rifles and shotguns(no frangible ammo, slugs only) not just sidearms.

07-12-2007, 16:53
My wife and I visited the museum a couple of days ago. Well worth the trip up, even if it was into "occupied Virginia." We spent about three hours there.

We went around to the range, but they had a sign on the door that said the range was closed, so we added that to the list of "things to do one of these days."
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