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07-11-2007, 23:39
Here in Orlando July 13 through 15, they are having a sale on Glocks, plus Reps will be there for "Demos and Questions". There is a drawing, one-entry-per-person for a free Model 23 (winner must meet usual qualifications as if for purchasing). May be a good chance to see and handle some Glocks if you're a fence-sitter. These are also going to be at other Bass Pro locations - not sure of dates, etc. Looks like one gun give-away per store, not one gun for all the site entries combined.

07-12-2007, 02:59
The way I see it, BPS for me is like Wally World or the mall for my wife...... I won't come out empty handed and a sale on Glocks will severly dent the credit card I've almost got paid off.

But.........I do need more ammo and I HAVE to replace the reel I broke while bass fishing last weekend.............:banana: