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07-12-2007, 18:58
I've seen the answer in at least a couple of threads, but it looks that they've been purged. Is it ok to CCW in Fair Park? No metal detectors or pat downs?

07-13-2007, 04:26
Do you mean during the State Fair or a specific event? If itís just to visit one of the Museums or the Music Hall, then you're fine.
There are a few old non-30.06 compliant signs around at the gates and a few of the buildings, but nothing to stop a CHLíer in the peaceful pursuit of concealability.

Just avoid the businesses in the area, ESPECIALLY the filling stations, they are just crime scenes-in-waiting. Plenty of places to eat and get what you need just a mile or so up the road in Deep Ellum (daylight hours only), or if itís after darkÖÖ.ahhh, Plano, McKinney anywhere far North of this dignity-challenged area.

If you have any concerns about a specific location in the Fair Park Campus, let me know and Iíll check it out for you.

07-13-2007, 09:02
I have carried during the State fair. I would think that any other time would be ok as well.

The Fort Worth Stock Show is posted 30.06. Go figure.

07-17-2007, 23:26
Fair Park is owned by the City of Dallas, they cannot restrict carry per Texas Law. It is a pain to carry during the Fair becuase they take down you license information and make you wait for a supervisor, however it is definately possible as my wife and I have done it multiple times.