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07-15-2007, 04:49
I am considering relocating from the occupied east coast to the area of Mesquite Nevada/St. George Utah.

Is there any advantage to one state over the other, (i.e. taxes, fees, regulations etc.).

What is "Culinary" water?

Are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of prior to making any moves?

Any random advise not requested above would be much appreciated.

T.I.A. (wish me luck)...

Steve Koski
07-15-2007, 09:42
Culinary or potable water is drinkable and is what is piped into your house. You may also get non-culinary or non-potable water, which is not drinkable, but can be used for watering your lawn/trees/etc.

Utah has about the most gun friendly laws in the nation. Nevada can't be far behind. We're in the West (And not in Kali) after all.

Utah has an income tax. Utah also has sales tax that runs about 6.5% depending on exactly where you are. Food is not exempt. My guess is that Nevada has lower overall taxes, but I'm not sure.

Good luck banger!

07-15-2007, 11:02
The St. George/Santa Clara area has experienced phenomenal growth in recent (15-30) years. The area does get very warm (triple digits) during the summer, but the trade off is mild winters.

Make sure you do a little research and steer clear of any place near what looks like a dry river bed. It may look dry "now", but will quickly swell during a flash flood. A couple of years ago, several homes were lost due to flooding. Seems weird to discuss flooding in the desert, but it happens.

Also a tad further north is Hurricane (pronounced "her-i-cn") It's an up and comer that is developing rapidly - like what Saint George looked like several years ago. My guess is that land/home values may be slightly less there, buy maybe not a whole lot less.

Good luck in your search!