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07-17-2007, 11:30
I got my first bike about a month ago- got a Harley '98 1200C, 6100k for I think a steal at $4800. I'm loving it. It has mid-controls but I added highway pegs and love the dual-positions. I actually like reaching back to shift. I don't know it just feels nice for me. I love the balance when I am stretched out on the highway pegs.

I've already upgraded the foot pegs, shifter peg, hand controls, added an engine guard with highway pegs, and a chrome battery cover.

I'm now wondering what else is good to upgrade on it as far as performance. Does a Stage I air cleaner kit really make the difference they say (+10 hp?). What else should I consider?

What about pipes? Right now I belive it's got slip-on screamin' eagles but they really don't seem to be doing much. It's still pretty high-pitched and is sounding a bit more like a dirt bike than a Harley.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

07-17-2007, 12:31
Generally most people start engine modding by upgrading the intake and exhaust first. Then you can change carburetor jets to optomize performance. They may make a li'l difference. If you really want to increase performance, then you need to do actual engine mods in addition to the bolt-on stuff... or get a motorcycle that has more than 60 stock horsepower.

Also note that increasing your output by 10 peak hp, isn't really going to make a difference when cruising.

Your engine is putting out ## horsepower to go 55mph now, and after engine upgrades it'll still be putting out the same ## horsepower at 55mph (unless you gain/lose wieght, or change the aerodynamics or gearing).


In my experience, aftermarket pipes may change (move around) power characteristics, but inevitably you got what you got. I've got at least 4 full exhaust sets got my off-road bike, and even under race conditions I can't really tell a worthwhile difference. Professional racers have told me they only use the aftermarket stuff because it's free (for them). The racer who told me that threw in the different exhaust set-ups when I bought his bike. What I stated earlier was his answer when I saked him which set-up was best.

My ZRX1200 has "Scorpion" full stainless exhaust. It doesn't feel any faster than my old stock ZRX1200 did.

07-17-2007, 14:10
Thanks. I'm not really NEEDING the power, I like it how it is, but you can always use more :) The pipes are more for sound than anything. A friend is recommending Vance & Hines for the sound. Anyone have a pair of these?

07-18-2007, 23:28
Originally posted by ARRR-15
A friend is recommending Vance & Hines...

He is a good friend. HH


07-19-2007, 07:04
V&H make about 20 different styles of pipes for that bike. Not all will sound the same (OR look the same)

You need to find out what "sound" you are looking for. I suggest the easiest way is to look and listen to other bikes that you like and ask what they have done.

It should also be mentioned that often while you may find a pipe that you like the look and sound of, it may have a negative effect on performance.

You can get well over 100hp on that motor. You know the expression "speed is expensive, how fast do you want to go".

Find a good performance shop (if you're not doing the work yourself). A good shop will ask your riding style, and what you're looking to accomplish. A simple sprocket change can make a "bar hopper" seem like an addition 20hp. And by asking the right questions can get you what you want.

good luck and ride safe.

07-19-2007, 09:34
Thanks for the suggestions!

07-19-2007, 12:37
Originally posted by tehan2
A simple sprocket change can make a "bar hopper" seem like an addition 20hp.

Very true, except that Harley's ain't got sprockets. :tongueout:

07-19-2007, 14:10
Originally posted by DaisyCutter
Very true, except that Harley's ain't got sprockets. :tongueout:

The older ones do.

07-19-2007, 15:23
Originally posted by DaisyCutter
Very true, except that Harley's ain't got sprockets. :tongueout:

"sorry" I meant to say "pulley".

And the "cool" harleys still have sprokets:thumbsup:


disclaimer: this is not my bike, I "stole" the photo from ebay

07-22-2007, 15:04
many add ons will give you some power. But muct like a car you need to get the parts that work together to get the best results.. air cleaners do give more HP but not much. in addition on pipes and you are talking a little more power, then ignition is where you want go, then lastly carb jets.. take it to a dyno and you will be surpised.. after this then you must go internal engine parts,, pistions/head mods, cams.. depends on what you what and how much you are willing to spend. Sportster's are great designs to work off of.
good luck

Ol' Dirty
07-26-2007, 23:08
First step, resist bolting on every piece of chromed plastic with the bar and shield logo.

My bike is an '01 1200C, exactly the same as your '98. As has already been mentioned, pipes don't really make that much of a difference. The screamin' eagle slip ons are actually decent performers, so any full set you bolt on won't make a big improvement. Honestly, buy whatever you think looks and sounds good. I have the vance and hines straight shots. They look good and sound good. Small diameter straight pipes are loud as hell, but hurt performance in normal riding conditions.

If you want some real power you have to go internal. A couple years ago I installed a set of cams. Not only was there a noticeable increase in power, but the job is pretty easy. Your new bike is easy to work on, you can do almost any job in your garage with a decent set of tools. And while you're at it, a set of Buell heads wouldn't hurt. Just make sure that the cam/head combos work well together, consult your local wrench for proper guidance.

Also, congrats on the new hot rod.

By the way, where are the pics?

07-27-2007, 08:14
Originally posted by Ol' Dirty
By the way, where are the pics?

Here ya go!

The bike: (I have since taken the old bags off and hope to get new ones:)

The new pegs, engine guard and hand controls I added: