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Grim Jackal
07-19-2007, 14:51
Any MA's out there, Reserve or Active?

12-12-2007, 19:27
I was active MA from 91-94. Then reserves after 9-11, but then changed rate to EO. Then got out after 4 months because the reserves was a freaking joke. Maybe I can answer a question??

12-16-2007, 17:45
Reserve MA right here! "The Naval Reserve, America's 17th line of defense" - The Simpsons.....

Livin it up in the "Low Speed High Drag" world of Reserve MA's....haa ha ha ha

12-24-2007, 18:27
MA3 Here. I just separated from Active duty on 12/17/07, I'm waiting for my reserve paperwork to go through. I have no Idea what the reserves will be like, the command I ws at previously was Naval base Point Loma, which if you were a Patrolman was mostly LE work, very little Force Protection. I spent More time off base doing assists for San Diego and Harbor PD then I did on base. I know thats gonna be different now. anyone on here a Reservist in Alaska?