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Robert Mitchell
07-20-2007, 15:38
Does anyone know of a good free or low cost DVD burning program?

07-20-2007, 15:52
The best one I've found is also free.


07-20-2007, 22:53
Deep Burner Rocks....

I'm running the portable edition of Deep Burner off of my USB Flash Drive.


Robert Mitchell
07-21-2007, 11:22
Well, I tried Deep Burner, but it only burned part of my video on to a DVD+RW disk before the program quit. I had to switch back to an InterVideo program that was bundled with my motherboard. The trouble with the bundled software is that it won't recognize Double Layer DVD+R disk. (I know this because I produced a couple of coasters in trying to transfer some videos to DVD). Thanks for your help, but clearly, there's something about my system that won't let it work with DeepBurner.

07-21-2007, 11:42
Do not have more than one burning program installed at the same time. After installing Deep Burner reboot your PC. If it doesn't work uninstall and try Final Burner


Robert Mitchell
07-21-2007, 12:32
My mistake! I didn't read the readme file for DeepBurner until after I messed up a couple of DVDs. DeepBurner Pro will allow me to burn video DVDs; DeepBurner won't. I'll purchase Pro (it's 25 bucks) and then see if it works.

07-21-2007, 12:58
I use ImgBurn...it's freedownload site (http://www.afterdawn.com/software/cdr_software/cdr_tools/imgburn.cfm)

07-21-2007, 14:07
DVDFab Platinum is the best Win32 DVD burning software I've used.

07-21-2007, 20:54
CDBurner XP Pro works great for me.

07-22-2007, 05:47
Originally posted by Bronson7
CDBurner XP Pro works great for me.

The last I knew that was a version of Roxio.

I have had several brands of CD/DVD burning software on my PC without any issues developing? :shocked:

07-22-2007, 06:25
Nero works ok, I have also used IMGBurn.