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07-21-2007, 18:32
I want to take an Sikaran/Arnis course, but can't seem to find a notable school in my area of southern CA. Specifically, in the Los Angeles area. I've only found Tae Kwon Do, Karate, etc., but haven't no pinoy martial arts.

Does my fellow bretherens have a contact, website or reference to help me out?

Salamat Glockers!

07-22-2007, 19:49
Re: [luxid] Sikaran/Arnis Instruction in LA?--

There are numerous eskrima groups in L.A., but unlike
your regular martial arts like karate, you won't find them
in the yellow pages or strip malls in the city.

Most of the major styles are represented in southern
California. There are many name arnisadors who do
not formally have schools but teach on the national
circuit or conduct seminars or give private lessons,
like yours truly.

I even belong to a forum that answers questions like
that one. To answer that question, they will ask
(1) what part of southern california or los angeles do
you live in? how far will you drive to a class?
(2) what exactly are you looking for--any particular
style, (dozens, just like karate), a particular aspect of
arnis (as a sport, self-defense, etc. just like karate).?

he can email me directly and i will try to help him.
to give you a flavor, he can go to my websites or
similar websites: - my friend rey galang's website

Commissioner for North America, International
Modern Arnis Federation of the Phil (IMAFP)
Founder, Tipunan International

07-23-2007, 09:30
uy okey ito ah, baka may maibibigay ka din dito naman sa chicago.....would appreciate it a lot....thanks!

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07-29-2007, 21:30
Escrima was just featured in History channel, the guy tackling the carabao was hilarious!

Neo Headhunter
08-20-2007, 15:28
Try Filipino Combat Systems website we have a listing in the links page for FMA sites

Neo Headhunter
08-22-2007, 22:30
Just like to share how we do it at FCS with the stick, knife, kerambit, & dumog.

08-26-2007, 04:40
how about krav maga? the israeli martial art, is there one in the L.A county area?