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07-23-2007, 12:38
I thought everybody might like a little more up-beat story for once. Here ya go, courtesy of The Town Talk:

La. GI a top sharpshooter
By Mandy M. Goodnight
(318) 487-6465

It was supposed to be a 12-mile march.

But someone forgot to tell Louisiana National Guard Staff Sgt. Tommy McGee.

The 199th Support Battalion member jogged across the finish line with at least 45 pounds of equipment in tow.
It didn't stop there.

McGee went to the zero firing range where he lined up the gun, firing shots at a distant target.

"It could have been better with my own gun," he said. "But not bad."

McGee had hit the center on nearly every shot.

He should. McGee represents the Louisiana National Guard as a member of the U.S. National Guard marksmen team. He is the only Louisiana member of the team that competes across the world.

His competitive shooting is not limited to the international stage. McGee competes at national and state shooting contests as well.

He not only competes against other National Guard members but also has shot against soldiers from units across the world, including the Delta Force Rangers.

McGee, who graduated from Caldwell Parish High School, said he has always been around guns.

"I have always hunted everything that walked, crawled and wiggled." he said.

His dad, a Vietnam veteran, taught him how to shoot. He said he remembers going outside to shoot cans of BB rounds. "I could shoot for hours," he said. "Still can."

Growing up, he and his younger brother would hold marksmanship contests in the backyard. When they got older, they would wager on who could shoot a can from various distances. McGee said the cans were usually too far away, and neither one would hit them.

He joined the National Guard in the early 1990s where he was assigned to what is now 187th Transportation Unit at Jena.

He is now a member of the 199th, which is headquartered in Alexandria. McGee lives in Bastrop and works with the National Guard's Counter Drug Task Force.

When he first began competing, McGee said, "I got my butt whipped."

But that soon changed as he and the teams he formed began winning. The wins earned him a spot on the national team.

Last year, he shot in a match in South Africa in which the National Guard team swept the event.

McGee said he never imagined that he would be traveling the world to compete "against teams from everywhere."

Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Linden Bercegeay called McGee a top soldier. He said he hands out battalion coins for excellence and doesn't give out many.

McGee received the first.

McGee, who is predominately a rifle shooter, said that to be good, a person has to be a student of shooting. Study the wind, climate and all aspects of shooting.

He said he plans to compete with the national team "as long as they will let me."

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