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07-25-2007, 13:29

NOVA Glockers, the Nation's Gun Show will be held at Dulles Expo in Chantilly this weekend. I plan to come first thing Saturday.

07-25-2007, 16:20
I plan to come first thing Saturday.

Good thing I plan on getting my ammo on Friday :animlol: I'm bringing a few noobs who are first time purchasers, so I assume I'll be back on Saturday also....

07-26-2007, 15:34
I'm going to the show on Friday and this will be my first gun show. I'm primarily interested in some .223 ammo but I wouldn't turn down a good deal on a used G26 or a Ruger MkIII 22/45. Friends have told me that there aren't a whole lot of good deals at the show.

Does anybody have any tips for navigating this gun show? I'll have my 2 1/2 year old son with me so I'll need to make efficient use of whatever time I get before kiddie boredom sets in.


07-26-2007, 16:44
Usually the ammo dealers with the deals are located basically in the center of the floor closer to the back wall, not far from the Virginia Safe display.

Bud's and Dark Shadows are located to the right center of the floor looking towards the back.

If the Glock Guy is there, he usually sets up against the back wall near the center (close to the restroom).

But the locations could change.:thumbsup:

07-27-2007, 08:17
Thanks, I'm looking forward to the show.

07-27-2007, 08:33
I don't know why people put down gun shows. Sure they have a lot of non-gun related stuff. The prices not be steals, but then I don't go looking to "get a deal." I don't even go looking to buy anything. I just go to see the show. If I find something I want to buy, it's a bonus.

I get to walk around. See a bunch of guns in one place, some of which I don't see anywhere else. I get to watch the people, and you'll see all kinds at a gun show.

Cheap entertainment I think. Almost as good as going to a busy public boat ramp when the tide is out, and a storm is coming. But not quite.

07-27-2007, 18:36
Show seemed somewhat less interesting today. Airconditioning not working or got off to a late start. A number of empty tables indicating vendors did not show. Regular vendors seemed to have less on their tables. Some vendors seemed to treat the event like a flea market selling old bags, hand trucks, etc. Ammo seemed to be selling well but I had a little down scale reaction.

07-27-2007, 19:39
Those $5 hand trucks are great!
I picked one up on the way to the big ammo dealer in the back, and got a case of 1,000 rounds of Golden Tiger (Russian) 7.62x39 FMJ for $155.00. This was by far the best price around, last week in Maryland cases of 1,000 were going for over $200.00.

I got a Vector Polish AK underfolder with wood foregrip, and paid a premium to get the Vector build which I wanted from SSG in the back right corner. He still had one with a black synthetic grip, if you want a premium quality underfolder. There was also a Hungarian AMD sidefolder for about $519 with wood pistol grips fore and aft.

By the way, proof of citizenship was required to get an AK with a folding stock, but it's not required for a non-folder. Luckily a Voter's Registration card worked since I don't carry a passport around.

There were about 4 Yugo underfolders left at Dark Sun for $495 and a Romanian underfolder for about $440. Plus several full-stock WASRs around $350 or so and some Saigas (but none in 12g).
Also some used Glocks for about $100 less than new. At least 2 G26s for $389 and they looked fine. Yugo SKS's were $195

Trader Jerry had his usual huge spread of pistols, and one Keltec Sub2k in .40S&W using Glock mags, for about $285. If it was in 9mm I might have been tempted to really bust my budget. There were a few KelTec PLR-16's if anybody is interested.

Guns & Ammo Warehouse had a Kel-Tec SU16C among other goodies.

I got exactly what I wanted (expensive AK and cheap ammo) so it was a good show for me. VERY hot and humid, so be prepared.

07-27-2007, 21:08

07-27-2007, 21:12
Just back from the Chantily show. Man was it hot in the building.

ChutetheMall has it covered well. If you looking for a S&W TSW, I did find a decent TSW45 sitting on Traders Jerry's tables. All of the dealers seemed to selling the thin receiver AKs for under $400. The Glock Doc was in the back doing trigger jobs on the fly.

There seemed to be more WWII Lugers and Walthers around, but the prices are just to high.

The theme for this show was cheap ammo. I picked up some 9x18 jhp from George Arms.

Someones got to fix the AC.

07-27-2007, 21:38
Yeah it was rediculously hot in there
But I still love going there if for nothing else than the experience.

07-27-2007, 22:27
I'm looking for a cheap used .22LR pistol - Mark III or Buckmark. How much do they go for at the gun show? I'm also looking to buy factory 9mm ammo. What are they selling for 1000 rounds?

07-28-2007, 06:23
The stainless bull barrel target Mark III was selling for about $410-varied between vendors. Lesser models were appropriately lower priced.
Lots of 9mm factory priced from about(if my memory is correct)$16 per 100 and up.

07-28-2007, 06:35
Originally posted by johnydoe
I'm looking for a cheap used .22LR pistol - Mark III or Buckmark. How much do they go for at the gun show? I'm also looking to buy factory 9mm ammo. What are they selling for 1000 rounds?

I was looking for a MkIII 22/45 myself but I didn't run across any used. There was a guy near the back right selling new but the prices were higher than you can find online. To find this guy head towards the back right and he has pistols stacked on dowel rods. I had my kid with me so I couldn't spend a lot of time looking.

If you find somebody selling decent 22lr pistols new or used, please post it here and I'll go back on Sunday.

9mm ammo prices were good but not great. A guy in the middle, near the back had a pretty good price on speer lawman. A lot of people here on GT like the lawman stuff. Several had decent prices on Federal Eagle. If you're not set on a particular brand the cheapest I've found is Blazer aluminum 115gr FMJ online at Outdoor Marksman. Two cases were $250 + $23.64 shipping for a total cost of $273.64, or $6.85 per box of 50. If somebody was selling plinking/practice ammo at the show for cheaper than that, I must have missed them in my quick tour of the place. If you want it delivered to your door instead of carting it home from the show, check here:

Being my first show, I was surprised at how much "junk" was there. I mean one guy was selling crystals. No offense to any crystal admirers here. :) Pistols were generally overpriced, basically retail, except for one guy on the right side, forget his name. He was selling glocks for about $480, everybody else was in the mid $500s. I didn't run across any used G26s which I was on the lookout for. I have no idea about long guns since I didn't have time to shop.

I did come away with some .223, which was my primary objective. I got 1000 rnds of Wolf MC plus two ammo cans for $240. Not a great price, but .223 is hard to find these days. I already have some Wolf black box and I wanted to see what the difference is between it and the MC.

I hope you guys make out better than I did, and oh, don't bring a 2 year old to a gun show.;)

07-28-2007, 06:51
Originally posted by dmccorki
The stainless bull barrel target Mark III was selling for about $410-varied between vendors. Lesser models were appropriately lower priced.
That's what I'm looking for. I want a SS 5 1/2" bull MkIII 22/45.

For comparison purposes: has it for $313. Ozark Guns has the same one for $299 online at (scroll 3/4 down the page). Even with shipping and FFL, these two are a lot cheaper than I found at the show. Shoot, MSRP is $398 on this unit, so the guys at the show are basically selling full retail.


07-28-2007, 08:05
I did not look at the 22/45s. The one I noted above was the 6 and 7/8inch barrel competition target model with the target grips. It generally sells for a few dollars less than the stainless hunter model and can be acquired for $395 or so online but after shipping and FFL charges it may be cheaper to buy local,even after taxes. I like to examine what I buy before I pay for it--bad experiences with scratches, grips, etc. on line.
Re ammo, I have found some excellent prices on line if one is willing to buy in bulk. I have had particular good luck with Midway.

07-28-2007, 08:09
rwrjr--just noticed Bud's has the ruger you are looking for priced at $283

07-28-2007, 10:48
Originally posted by dmccorki
rwrjr--just noticed Bud's has the ruger you are looking for priced at $283
Thanks. I've never heard of Bud's but I did an internet search and found his site. $283 is the best I've seen so far. I bookmarked the page. Mark at Summit told me he'll be posting some used MkIIIs in August when he gets back from his time off. Mark said he just got in a bunch of nice used .22s which is good because I've rarely seen him post any. If I can't find a nice piece from Summit next month, I'll definitely give Bud's a call. I appreciate the info.


07-28-2007, 17:20
I went today and walked around for about three hours looking for some 870 parts but there were none to be had, I was very suprised.

Did anyone check out the big table of scopes, they were in blue boxes but I can't remember the names to save my life. I looked at some with lighted reticles and they looked really good for a very cheap price, around $85.00. I was leary and wanted to do some research, but I probably should have just bought one to put on my 10/22. If any of you bought one or know of them, could you post your opinion.

07-28-2007, 19:18
I went to the show about noonish. Hotter'n you know where. If a place wants to get me to leave, all they have to do is turn up the heat. I left with money to spend.