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07-27-2007, 00:03
hi all,i have a technical question.that is to say it's technical to me.i have an easy share camera that recently i took a short video clip with.well upon transefering data from the camera to my computer,my lovely wife deletes everything on the card(w/o telling me of course).so now needing to show the short video to someone via the memory card,i cant.if my cd burner was working properly,i would burn it straight to a cd,but there a way to take the video from my kodak software and transfer it back to my card/camera?

07-27-2007, 07:51
I am doubtful that you can copy it back to the card so that you can show it in the camera. There is an index file on the card that is used by the camera but of no use on the PC, so just a copy back won't create said index file properly.

However, if the file is in a standard format that any PC media-player can read, you can copy it back to the card, put that card in someone else's computer and play it there.

Just use drag and drop to copy it from the PC to the card via a card-reader (built into most PCs these days or cheaply available at any computer shop).

07-27-2007, 20:12
Thank you LENS,what do card readers go for anyways?i thought my dell 944 printer came with one but i guess it as simple as 'drag and drop'with the card writer or is there more i need to know?

07-27-2007, 22:25
The most expensive one I've seen is ~$30.00. I think you can find them for $15 or less if you watch the weekly sales.

This one from Best Buy is $20.

Just make sure that it takes your size card. There are CF, SD, XD, mini-SD, etc cards out there. This is why I like a 5-in-1 or more.

07-28-2007, 00:19
once again lens,thank you.i think this one fits the bill