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View Full Version : CorBon DPX/Fed HST available locally?

07-29-2007, 10:52
Does anyone know a business that sells Corbon DPX 115 +p in the Charlotte area? Been buying it off the internet for around $23 a box, but then I need to tack on another $10 in shipping. Been trying to find a local supplier that is priced competitive so I can eliminate paying for shipping.

Also like the Federal HST 124 +p round but having a hard time finding it locally and online. Only place I've seen it online is Streichers, but it's been on backorder for weeks now.


07-30-2007, 12:41
Fast Cash Pawn Shop in Spartanburg keeps a decent supply of DPX in various calibers and grains, but I couldn't tell you a price since I prefer Gold Dots.... I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $18 per 20 or something of the sort.

As for the Federal, no leads :sad:

08-07-2007, 21:04
Gander Mountain in Mooresville has DPX for 9/40/45 last I checked a couple of weeks ago.

09-21-2007, 19:13
I picked up some 9mm Federal Tactical HST +P 124 gr from, mail order for $184.50/500 (P9HST3).

I also bought a few boxes of Federal LE Bonded Tactical (LE9T1) to carry in my G26.

Their website says:

"We got this ammo, because we ordered it for a police department and they cancelled the order, so we can now sell it to anyone. This ammo is extremely hard for us to get and we have limited supplies."

"This ammo is typically sold exclusively to law enforcement agencies by Federal. That is a Federal rule, NOT a law, so it is perfectly legal for you to own this ammo."

From the reports I've read from various police departments, this is very good stuff with a .71" expansion, 1200 fps velocity and 395 ft lb of kinetic energy.