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07-30-2007, 06:31
NGR = "Not Gun Related"

I am looking for people who are interested in acquiring a MSCE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) 2003 Certification and are interested in participating in an informal study group in the Louisville, KY area.

I have a MCSE for NT 4.0 and I need to freshen up my resume. I did my first MCSE entirely through self-study and group study with friends and co-workers. I have access to a small "lab", all of the related software and equipment. I am interested in meeting one to three times a week during lunch breaks and/or immediately after work (5pm) or on weekends to participate in the study group. I am currently studying for the second core exam 70-291 but I haven't taken the first one yet. Since I am upgrading my cert I only need to take six exams and not seven.

I would state the requirements for the group as follows: ability to work at the pace of one exam per month, which would require some real-world IT experience. If you're looking to "get into computers" for a career change this group is probably not for you. If you've already put together at least one production network using Winders OSs and TCP/IP, you're probably good to go, assuming that your network actually worked.

I'm strong on tcp/ip networking, vpn, ras and ipsec and MS Exchange and interoperability and so-so on active directory and Group Policies and less than so-so on the newer hardware. When I last did a lot of hardware we only had RAID 5, if that tells you anything.

So, if you're interested, PM me. Thanks, Dom

PS: MCSE info here

08-01-2007, 05:10

This board is for the posting of Gun realated stuff not nerdy networking class promo.

Real shooters don't do networks they are too busy pratcing to shoot.

Is VPN a Virtual Pistol Network? You don't really mean IPSEC you mean IPSC right.:animlol: