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i luv g.r.i.t.s
08-02-2007, 17:25
I traded some work for a dirtbike. The person I am getting it from has the title signed over to her as the buyer and has the reg. Problem is she never put it (title/reg) in her name. Will I be able to put this in my name with no problems?

08-02-2007, 17:38
Did the original title holder sign the title? If yes then that's no problem.

i luv g.r.i.t.s
08-02-2007, 17:42
yes, he signed as the seller and her the buyer

08-02-2007, 19:50
You will probally have to pay tax for 2 .You and previous owner that did not transfer. Good Luck and Ride Safe:thumbsup:

i luv g.r.i.t.s
08-03-2007, 07:07
Thanks guys