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08-09-2007, 13:13
We will be having a couple of CPL/CCW classes in September. Classes will be in Howell this time. The dates are September 8th and 15th. Plenty of time to plan your shedule.

SIGN UP TODAT AT MiCPL.net (http://www.micpl.net)

We will be giving 10 MGO 1yr memberships to the first 10 non-members that register. Thats a $25.00 bonus.

If you are unaware of MGO here is the link.

Michigan Gun Owners (http://www.migunowners.org)

If interested email me at jasonbaker@micpl.net and I will answer any questions you may have

08-11-2007, 15:11


08-14-2007, 15:23
you can now register for class at www.micpl.net

08-15-2007, 20:16
Anyone know of any classes in the Menominee MI area? GF wants to get her CCW

08-20-2007, 22:48
New class dates have been added. We will also be conducting classes at Gander Mountain in Novi later this year. sign up today!

09-10-2007, 09:30
btt- Sept 8th class went off without a hitch. Next class is the 15th.

Sign up today.