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08-12-2007, 13:34
Well with my honey do list caught up with, I decided to treat myself to a new AR upper for my new AR lower (purchased from Centennial here at GT). Walking in there with my piggy bank I wandered all over. I just love going there and spending $$ helping the guys and girls out. So There is a gentleman there that I have seen on occasions who builds custom uppers. So standing there drooling like a dummy for about 4 minutes no one asked me if I needed any help. So I left and repeated this process for a couple of other times (3 more to be exact) and still no one acknowledged me. What does it take for someone to say Hi or to ask if I needed any help. So I took off with my piggy bank and left to go home. I did stop by some other tables to donated some of my $$. I won't mention any names ( tonys uppers) because it would not be fair to him. So I'll just go online and place an order to someone who wants my $$. John

08-12-2007, 18:20
typical gun show, thats why i don't waste my time anymore.

08-23-2007, 08:31
I know what you meen..I'm in sales.

I can tell you, these folks are just gun nuts with more grap than most of us. They are not in sales or customer service. Oh and I noticed the prices in most cases are NOT as good as I can do in shops.

08-24-2007, 07:49
I went to my first gun show in 5 years a couple of weeks ago. What a disappointment. Not only was the seller attendence less than half of what I remember, the prices were not anything special. I paid the same price for a new G26 that I would have paid at any local shop.