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08-15-2007, 11:32
Was just wondering what the Lynchburg area is like, both to live in and shoot in.


08-15-2007, 13:43
Bruce: i have been here for all most 1 year. The shooting seen is ok at best. There is plenty to do here ,plenty of places to work. people seem nice. country is real nice. I shoot at home so I cant say too many negitave things about the area. rick

08-15-2007, 20:15
There's a very active Isaak Walton league just north of Lynchburg that is worth looking into, I think a regular poster here is a member of it.

If it's important, Lynchburg has something Roanoke doesn't - an ice skating rink. It's on the Liberty University campus, but I have heard the public hours are pretty good. My rec league team played LU's men's team a few years back, and they pasted us. Of course the fact that we are all 30+ might have something to do with it... I found out later that of the 22 Canadian students attending LU at the time, 15 were on the hockey team.:supergrin: