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Mr Magnum
08-17-2007, 03:22
Howdy gun lovers!

if you have the time.....check this out

I have been searching for out of town gun ranges near manila. I envy my golfer friends who gets to go out of town frequently for sport leisure and some stress reliever activities.

What more, they get to chose from a couple of fairways out there.

Im hoping some billionaire guy(s) puts up something like this in very very near future. (maybe in tagaytay or somewhere).

Just wouldnt know if its gonna be feasible as an income earner though.. haven't done the math yet. hehe

08-19-2007, 22:43
Join ppsa so that you can participate in various competitions around the country. There are lots of nice ranges not that far sa metro manila, in batangas, laguna, pampanga, etc.