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09-02-2007, 17:58
Does anyone know of any indoor ranges in Northwest Ohio? I know of the one in Celina, but any others?

09-03-2007, 19:00
Vandali Range-Armory in Vandalia (I-75, exit 63, go west to behind the Toyota dealer), Springfield, against I-70 at ST Rt 72 exit, dirty, could be somebodies target, be alert

09-04-2007, 15:38
Thank you. Do you have a favorite among the three?

Brian Dover
09-04-2007, 18:36
Of the ones mentioned above I like Vandalia Range and Armory the best. Doesn't hurt that their are two other gun shops within a mile or so, that can make for a great trip. :thumbsup:

Pistol Pedro
09-06-2007, 18:42
I agree VRA is the best of all the ranges mentioned above.
However, you asked for ranges in northwest Ohio. These are all in the southwest region. Another in the southwest is SimTrainer.