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Steve Koski
09-03-2007, 00:05
UDPL is hosting an extra big handgun match on 9/22/07. It'll run pretty much like a normal UDPL handgun match except:
-- targets will be mostly steel, just a few paper thrown in for variety.
-- 10 stages
-- everyone will break for lunch at the same time and there will be a random prize drawing during lunch.
-- Trophies awarded to top finishers in each category

There's a pretty serious prize table with donations from:
Center Mass Holsters
Center Street Brass
Extreme Bullets (West Coast)
FBMG – Larry Correia
MGM Targets
Range Masters
Shooter’s Connection
and more...

Schedule Page:


Super Shoot Match Details PDF Page:


Feel free to post any questions here.

See you there!


09-03-2007, 20:42
That sounds fun! I hope my schedule is clear for the event.

Steve Koski
09-16-2007, 14:18
Less than a week away. I'm headed to the store to buy a grundle of prizes to top off the donations. See you there!

Steve Koski
09-17-2007, 20:31
You WILL have fun at this match, that's easy to guarantee.

I can almost guarantee that you'll win something valued at more than your $15 entry fee at prize drawing during lunch.