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09-06-2007, 09:09
Kapatid ko nagpaplano kumuha ng handgun for home defense. He doesnt know anything about which to choose . I recommended to him Armscor 1911 milspec or the revolver in .38 para hindi mabigat sa budget.
Sino ba ang reputable dealers sa Oriental Negros ? How much are the expected prices on the two guns mentioned? Thanks in advance

09-06-2007, 19:35
I'll be going home to Dumaguete today and I'll ask (pista sa Bais City this weekend!).:banana:

I'll try to ask Shooters in Silliman Avenue, but I'm pretty sure they sell their own versions, made in Cebu.:) So if he really wants an Armscor, let him take the overnight boat to Cebu and go to Armscor in D. Jakosalem St., close the deal, then take the 1:00 pm bus back home; it goes all the way back to Dumaguete.

Numbers of Armscor Cebu are as follows:

(032) 253-0531 / (032) 412-6225 /
Sandino B. Cinco: (0917) 321-0316 / (0922) 331-1196

Website: www.armscor.com.ph / Email:sandino_cinco@yahoo.com

Hope this helps.:)

09-06-2007, 19:51
CM, salamat sa info.

09-06-2007, 19:52
If driving to Bacolod is an option, let him call Boy Villavicencio. His gunstore sells Armscor products. He also has an in-house gunsmith named Chito Montes (imported from Danao :) ). He customizes a lot of 1911s. His gun store's name is Negros Sports Exchange. His number is (034) 433-0607.

09-06-2007, 23:40
Oh, BTW, the guy's name, that's not me,:supergrin: just Armscor's salesman who entertained me once and whose card I happen to have on my desk.:)

Best that your kapatid will phone first Armscor as to what requirements are needed. Armscor also has the parts for the guns they make and sell, but no gunsmith; I asked.

09-07-2007, 06:15
if yung kapatid mo is from dumaguete tapos dun sya bibili ng f/a sa cebu, ipapadala ba ng gun store sa cebu sa dumaguete or for pick up yun? sa bacolod dami gun store that carries the armscor 1911. nashe, twin pines, federal gun exchange, clashir. including sears. (but mahal sa sears) cguro sa negros sports exchange/gun masters club meron din hindi ko na tanong eh. i dunno if sa counter measures meron din. mababait naman taga bacolod eh. very hospitable pa. kaya wla sya prob sa bacolod. land trip pa. pag armscor pinag uusapan its better cguro sa gun store ka mag purchase brand new pa.by the way, bacolod city is in negros occidental, lapit lng, a lot of place to stay :)

09-07-2007, 07:54
Salamat sa mga info again. I will pass this on to my bro. I just got an email back from Cebu Armscor and they said price for 1911 FS 5 inch is P 21 000 excluding license and processing fee.
Is that ok price or too high? Im not sure if they have included the VAT in the P 21 000 . How about Norinco mil spec, mas mura ba esp their Milspec version?

09-07-2007, 08:56
akala ko ba tight budget sir?hehe eh yung armscor na GI series 13k-15k lng yung unit price sir. ayus na ayus na sir ehya hehehe

09-07-2007, 09:12
Tama ka pala Boni, i checked again the armscor email, yung price binigay na P 21 000 is the model 1911A1 45 PS (Practical Series) pala. So parang enhanced version na . I thought it was the milspec GI (Basic model) for that price.

09-07-2007, 19:44
PM Deenoh for prices if he would like to consider Norinco as an option.:)

09-09-2007, 19:38
No Armscor to be had in Dumaguete; I checked at Shooters and Sears. Of course, Shooters could not be expected to sell a competitor's guns:supergrin: and Sears, nada.

Royal Interarms in Ramos St. has some Norincos; their number is (032)254-7272. Not only 19lls, but Norinco copies of CZ-75s (looks more like Tanfoglio) and SIG-Sauer. There used to be a Norinco Makarov .380, but it sold out quickly.

Twin Pines Cebu, Raintree Mall, Ramos St. also has Rock Island Armory 1911s, basically rebadged Armscor. The `kanos love them, as per the 1911 forums.