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09-06-2007, 13:26
I turned in my application to the Palo Duro Lodge here in Amarillo. The Secretary said they will assign an investigative commitee today. The interviews and investigation should follow soon. Hopefully, I will be voted on in October. Then, if all goes well, I can start on my degree work.

What should I expect as far as the interview/investigation phase. Also, do folks get "black-balled" often and if so, why?

09-06-2007, 18:46
Duho, Not to sure how it works in TX, here in TN., The commitee may come to your home and talk to family members, they do a backround check, check your references to see if your a good person.
As far as being black balled, it happens sometimes and can happen for the wrong reasons. If your a good person, have no fear.
Good luck and keep us informed.


lethal tupperwa
09-06-2007, 18:47
called a petition?

09-06-2007, 20:25
The investigating commitee usually consists of three brothers, one being a Past Master. They will meet at an agreed upon location, or at your home. If married, they will want to be assured that your wife will be supportive of your decesion. You must be a male, a certain age (Each state may be different), believe in a supreme being, and be of good character. Freemasonry takes GOOD men and makes them better. It's not for everyone, nor should it be. Serious legal problems past or present may exclude you depending upon their seriousness. No, speeding tickets don't matter!!!!!!There is a substantial time commitmet required at first while going through the degrees. Some memorization will be required. This is why nobody is ever solicited for membership. It's a very personal (but rewarding) decesion.Hope this helps.

10-05-2007, 22:24
I have been in Lodge on only two occasions in the past 15 years when I've seen a candidate black balled. Both times a re-vote was called and both times the candidate was black balled. I did not know either of the candidates, but eventually learned of the reasons why they were black balled. I have to say that I agree with the decisions.

I have seen many more people admitted than black balled in the past 15 years. When somebody is black balled, you can believe there is a damn good reason.