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09-06-2007, 13:41
Noveske Light N4 Rifle - Low Profile

Complete Uppers & Complete Rifles Available with or without Rail Systems.


* 14.5" Cold Hammer Forged Barrel, 1 in 7; twist, 5.56mm
* Made of Mil Spec M249 Machine Gun barrel steel, with heavy M249 Chrome Lining, (appx. 2 times as thick as an M4 or M16)
* Extended Feed Ramps
* Mil Spec Phosphate finish
* Same weight as M4 barrel, 1 lb, 9 oz, but improved contour for maximum rigidity, no M203 notch
* MP HP tested with certification
* Carbine length gas system
* Permanently installed Vortex Flash Hider or Advanced Armament Flash Hider
* MP tested bolt
* Properly staked carrier key
* Auto carrier
* Mil-Spec receiver extension, staked
* H Buffer
* Vltor Carbine buttstock
* Tango Down pistol grip
* One 30 rd mag included