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09-07-2007, 01:17
Am I the only one that watched it? If so you missed some GOOD fights.

Round 1 of Rani Yahya and Chase Beebe was one of, if not THE best grappling display I have EVER seen. Unfortunately, Yahya has the gas tank of a Gremlin and the MPG of a Hummer. Rounds 2-5 saw Yahya sucking wind hard and Beebe pounding him. I was amazed Yahya made it to decision.

Mike Stann proved that although he is only 5-0, he is no joke, taking out his fifth victim. Five fights, five first round stoppages. Also, Stann got CRACKED by an uppercut and it looked like Stann understood that to mean "punch me now" because he didn't miss a beat and launched a nasty right hook.

Finally, Razor Rob McCollough tore through another opponent in dismantling the talented Richard Crunkilton in the first round. Why Crunkilton decided that it would be smart to stand with McCollough nobody knows, but I doubt Razor's next opponent will make the same mistake.