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Court in FL.
09-07-2007, 16:47
Hi Guys, Just a reminder , there is another GUN SHOW in West Palm Beach this weekend. Sep. 8th & 9th.

Thank You,

Court in FL.

09-07-2007, 20:33
See ya there Court.

09-07-2007, 20:36
I gotta try to get out of there with out spending close to a grand like last time. My wife will have my ass!

09-08-2007, 17:55
Saw Court,

& found some good prices on used, (but in excellent condition) handguns:

Kahr MK40, w/2 mags... $400
Kahr PM9 (2 tone), W/2 mags... $450
SigArms P239 (.357 Sig), W/CTC grips... $550

Advantage Arms .22 conversion, for Glock 17... $200

09-08-2007, 18:33
Couldn't make it today because my sons had football games but i'll be checking it out tomarrow

Court in FL.
09-08-2007, 18:38
Most of the dealers where complaining about it being a very slow show.

They may be more willing to wheel & deal in order to make a sale.

Good Luck, Court in FL.

09-10-2007, 14:20
I went to the show on Sat morning. Stopped and sais hello to Court. There have been better shows there, but I found the Springer 1911 MislSpec I've been looking for at a great price. $489 +tax & FDLE check.:thumbsup: It turned out it is also one of the few assembled here in the USA (well IL anyway:rofl: ) and has a one piece stainless barrell and stainless bushing:banana: Can't wait to get it to the range, probably tomorrow.

09-10-2007, 17:33
Congrats on the new heater Rich !

09-10-2007, 17:35
Originally posted by packinaglock
Congrats on the new heater Rich !

Thanks! I'll still be carrying my Glocks. The 1911 is for fun at the range.