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09-08-2007, 17:54
We've been putting up with a DAV-DZ150K, and the presets on this
thing are driving me insane. Lahat kasi, parang ngongo ang dating.
I don't need house-shaking bass as much as I need to hear a pin drop,
or hear a high-hat hyper-oscillate, and the treble is flattened out
in all of the stupid presets.

So anyway, some hope has turned up:
I won as raffle prize an unfamiliar and very funky-looking
DVD player, a "Maike Orange DVD-108". I tested the RGB output
and the image is decently clean, even with the limitations of
our monitor's older engine.

I want to see what this "Orange" can do, audio-wise,
since it has a built in equalizer, albeit limited, aside from
the usual EQ presets. Physically, it has 5 channel audio outputs
for RCA-type jacks: the output apparently isn't amped.
(It has amped 2-ch, 8-ohm speaker terminals, but the wattage is limp.)
There's no manual or even specs to go with this "Orange".

So.... here's the question, hehe :)
What sort of cheap 5-channel input and output amp is out there
to hook up to this "Orange"? For how much? If the amp offers manual
adjustment of treble/bass, so much the better.

Thanks for any leads!

09-08-2007, 18:03
there are many no name brand amps, parang mga project lang namin sa don bosco eh hehe.

anyway, i'd just like to share my home brew solution to driving a 5.1 channels with just extra audio equipment.

basically, i stuck the front 2 channels and the .1 to an altec lansing 2 speaker setup with sub. so that takes care of that. for the rear sinaksak ko na lang sa lumang pioneer audio audio compo na sira na ang cd player and cassette, so that takes care of 4 ch. yung gitna, i used an old 20 watt mono amp that i made pa in high school, decent naman ang sound if i make sure the heatsink is well ventilated.

i know you'll probly think that is too much trouble, and it is. i don't know the brands eh, but i think "knight" at deeco makes those big black box amps na kaya mag multi channel, i do not know lang kung meron nung multi channel with dedicated sub amp in/out.

good luck horge.

09-08-2007, 18:07
maybe they have some at the audio stores at the basement level of makati cinema square. you can check out the neighboring gunstores too

09-08-2007, 19:00
Go to Raon, the capital of cheap audio parts and accessories. :supergrin:

Try out the Konzert brand, at about 4-5K for the 5.1 amps and 4K for a pair of 12" 600W boxed speakers or the 2K or so 10" variety. Believe me, they're great! :thumbsup: I've had the 450W basic karaoke amp with 2-600W speakers and 250W subwoofer , all Konzert, for 4 years now, and they still blow me (and my neighbors) away! :supergrin:

Edited to add:

Coupled with an elcheapo Platinum DivX/DVD player and my 37" LCD, I don't need to go to Glorietta anymore. ;)

09-08-2007, 20:36
you can also try the el cheapo Sakura brand amps. the 377/387/389 or 473 model would do fine. (in fact the 473 even looks like a Harmnan Kardon) before it was around 4k lang. available at raon (where else?) or at your local tiangge. :)

09-09-2007, 01:12
Thanks... :thumbsup: